Friday, 18 May 2012

The weather today...

The weather today could quite literally be described as...

These are Holly's...far too small to be mine!

Okay, so these are nice frilly pants and maybe not the best choice to describe today's weather. Perhaps a big old pair of disgusting, faded, greying pants may have been more accurate choice. I don't own any pants like that though (yeah right), so this is the best I could do. I am sure you will agree they are much easier on the eye!

In all seriousness though, did the Gods of weather forget to buy a calendar this year? Are they on holiday, on strike? Are they unaware that it is May? So I've decided to send an email to all the weather Gods just to remind them. So be warned, I'm marking it high importance and adding a read receipt so you better not ignore it!

 This post is for prompt number 18 of the Snap Happy BritMums Photo Challenge


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