Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1st thing in the morning

Even though I'm not exactly a morning person (I was built for long lies), since the arrival of Holly I've come to appreciate mornings a whole lot more. 

With Holly around every morning is different.  Sure, we have the same routine but Holly is ever changing.  Each morning I am astounded by something new that has seemingly developed in her overnight.  A new expression, a new skill, a new sound.  Some are subtle, others are so surprising it takes my breath away...

As much as I love to see her grow, it is a bitter-sweet joy that comes from the knowledge that her baby days will be ending far faster than I would like.

This morning Holly held some food, and ate it herself.  My girl is only going to be 5 months this Friday.  I didn't think she was ready, that she was too young.  Holly had other ideas.

So here it is, the evidence to show my ever growing girl.

 Hope you too had a lovely morning!

This post is for prompt number one of the Snap Happy BritMums Photo Challenge


Natalie said...

That's brilliant! Isaac was very much the same but I stopped him and made him have puree as he was 'too young'- watching him eat his toast and banana this morning I feel awful lol If she's ready roll with it! x

Marilynn said...

Thanks! Glad to know I'm not alone! X

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