Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Competitive Parenting!

Holly is fast approaching four months and things are changing and developing rapidly at this stage.  Holly has recently discovered her hands and that is somewhat of a blessing as she has also started to teethe...yet it isn't just Holly that has changed, it seems our parent friends have changed too...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mummy's Make-up Bag

My Love Affair With Make-up

My love affair with make-up began at secondary school. It developed out of a need to cover the acne I had developed during puberty.  This acne became so severe I was prescribed medication to combat it.  As a result the acne eventually subsided, but the love of make-up stayed.

Implications of a make-up obsession?

Some people might say that being obsessed with make-up (as I am) is shallow and I could be setting a bad example for my daughter.  They might say I'll be teaching her that she needs to look good, or a certain way to be accepted in the world.  Let me say this,  I wear my slap because I enjoy it, not because I'm trying to be accepted (ok, maybe in my teenage years - but not now).  Some people get tattoos, or piercings.  It is a personal choice.  It doesn't mean they expect they same of their children.  It is a hobby of mine in the same way my love of books is.  I'd never  push it upon my daughter, and I certainly wouldn't advocate her wearing make-up from a young age. She can make her own choice.  She will probably be more likely to want to wear it because I do, but given the fact that I don't look like this:

monstrous make-up

I'd much rather if Holly were going to wear make-up that she learn it from me, to avoid any chance that she might end up looking like the image above!

Changed Priorities

As I'm a mummy now,  my priorities have changed slightly when it comes to my make-up choices.  While I still love my make-up I find it harder to justify spending huge amounts of money on cosmetics, as I feel my money would be better invested in Holly and her future.  With that in mind my make-up collection is reverting back from high end to high street products!  Although quality is still an important factor in my choices, value for money is very important too!

What's in mummy's make-up bag?

As part of my blog I plan to include the occasional post on make-up.  This might include; make-up tips, recommendations, reviews and thrifty finds.

Well folks,

Stay tuned for my make-up posts!



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