Friday, 4 May 2012


I don't really drink that much any more.  This is due to a combination of tiredness and the fact that over a year without alcohol has made me somewhat of a lightweight.  More than one glass of anything and I start to nod off whilst dribbling onto my own lap...

That being said, when  it comes to tipples I have 2 great loves.

My first and greatest love is Jack Daniels.  Loved since the very first sip passed my lips when I was about 18 and from that moment I rarely drank anything else for a long time. Everyone knows about my love affair with "Jack" and even David refers to it as my "other man"!  I remember one year for Christmas just about everyone bought me a bottle and I ended up with 20 bottles of the stuff (ahhh heaven)!

My other, more recent love is Prosecco.  I was never the greatest fan of champagne, but having discovered this lovely stuff about 7 years ago it is my drink of choice for special occasions and when I'm pretending I'm all posh and stuff.

 "One doesn't do Champagne daaaarling, one only drinks Prosecco you know..."

Now here is the confession, while I can say that Prosecco has indeed passed my lips since my year off , I have thus far chickened out of returning to my beloved Jack.  I'm terrified he may now overpower me with his beautiful warmth and his wonderful 40% volume...So I still have Jack, lonely, abandoned and unopened in my kitchen.  Here he is...

Jack, the other man in my life.

  So here's to you Jack, my love. No one could ever hold a candle to you (well lets face it, you are flammable and that would be very dangerous, not to mention stupid). One day soon we'll be reunited.  I raise my glass to you Jack, although unfortunately it will most likely be full of Prosecco for the moment!

This post is for prompt number four of the Snap Happy BritMums Photo Challenge


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