Friday, 4 May 2012

Thrifty tip - What to do with old or broken lipsticks!

It is always annoying when you break your favourite lipstick, or you get to the end of it and there is that little bit left inside the bottom of the tube which is too far down to use.  There are several things you can do.

Broken Lipstick

If you have both pieces you can re-attach the tip easily by heating both ends of the break, you can do this with a flame (I use a long handled matchstick**).  Once heated the ends should soften enough that you should be able to stick it back together.  Allow to cool and set before using.

Lipstick ends/old lipstick

Sometimes when you break a lipstick you lose the tip and are left with only the end, or your fave lipstick is so well used you come to the end which it makes it difficult/impossible to apply.  If you are thrifty you can still get use out of these small pieces of lipstick.

There are a couple of options.

Option One

This is the easy/lazy option.  Keep the lipstick end in the tube and apply with a lip brush.  Or decant into a small pot or container and apply with a brush or fingers.

Option Two

This takes a bit more work, but the results are worth it!

You will need:

  • An old lipstick

  • A hair pin

  • A heat proof bowl/container

  • A spoon  (for mixing)

  • Vaseline/petroleum Jelly

  • Food flavouring like mint or vanilla (optional)

  • Loose glitter eyeshadow or pigment (optional)

  • A small pot

Take the hair pin and scoop the lipstick out of the tube.  Place in the bowl.  You may need to heat the lipstick to soften it.  You could use a hair dryer on a very high heat, or pop the bowl on the microwave for a couple of  seconds  (I'd literally do no more than 2 seconds at a time and keep checking it - you do not want hot lippy exploding in your face). When the lipstick is soft and pliable with the spoon add some Vaseline to the bowl and work together until you are happy with the consistency.

 Now if you are really posh you can add a drop of food flavouring to make it taste yummy on your lips, but you will only need a tiny amount (or you could used the minty Vaseline you can get now instead) !  When you are happy with it you can scoop it into your pot and you will have a lovely lip gloss!  You could even mix different lipsticks to make your own unique colours! Or you could add a tiny sprinkle of loose glitter eyeshadow or pigment to add a bit of sparkle.  You can really improvise how ever you like!

You may need more than one pot, depending how much gloss you've made!

Looks delicious!

Hope you have fun making the most of your make-up!

**Always take extreme care when using naked flames. Take care to stay away from flammable substances and take care not to burn yourself. If you choose to try this tip your safety is your responsibility!


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