Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weight loss update and tasty soup recipe - May 2012

I've got a confession to make.  My weight loss hasn't been going exactly to plan.  While I've not been pigging out, I've not really been sticking to my plan.  A combination of being ill, rotten weather earlier in the month and tiredness means I've been eating mainly comfort foods.  In particular potatoes, they are my No1 comfort food.  Mashed potato especially.  I can't think of anything I'd rather eat when I'm feeling a bit run down. 

Thanks to a successful trip to the GP and some rest I'm feeling a lot better and ready to get serious!  The months are flying by and if I want to be svelte in time for holidays I'd better get cracking!  I've not managed to do as much walking as I would like, so the other day I finally got around to digging my exercise bike out of the shed and  hauling it into the house.  That in itself was good exercise as it is quite heavy and I nearly ended up smashing it through the glass in the patio doors as I tripped up the steps!  Does Home Contents Insurance cover that type of accident? I've gotten really clumsy since having Holly!  So anyway, the plan is to cycle for half an hour every day.  I can easily pop the bike in front of the TV and watch something to make it less of a chore which suits me fine!

Also, I decided I should find a better alternative to eating stodgy potatoes all the time, so I'm substituting them with sweet potatoes instead.  So far so good.  I made a lovely sweet potato and chilli soup the other day and thought I'd share the recipe with you.

Sweet Potato and chilli soup Recipe


  • A few sprays of low calorie cooking spray
  • 2 small onions (any variety you like - I sometimes use spring onions)
  • 2 garlic cloves (crushed)
  • 1 teaspoon of ground coriander
  • 1 finely chopped chilli (more if you like it spicy) OR dried chilli flakes
  • 750g sweet potato peeled and cubed
  • Vegetable stock cube and 500mls of boiling water
  • 50 to 100mls of reduced fat coconut milk (according to your taste)


Spray a medium saucepan with cooking spray and place on a medium heat. Add onions to the pan and stir regularly for about 2 minutes or until softened. Add the garlic, coriander and chilli. Cook for a further few minutes then add in the sweet potato and cook for a further 2 minutes.  Add your stock and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer covered for about 20 minutes, or until sweet potato is tender. Blend or process mixture until it reaches a smooth consistency. Return to heat and stir in coconut milk, I add a little at a time tasting as I go along until I get the flavour I want. Stir until heated through.  Lastly, serve it up and enjoy your lovely soup!

The finished soup!

Will do a proper update soon about my weight loss soon, but until then I hope you enjoy this healthy and very filling soup recipe!

Are you judging me?

This weekend we decided to have a little trip to the shops.  I would never normally brave the shops at the weekend because I hate being pushed, shoved and poked out of the way by rude people who seem hell-bent on fighting there way to the socks you happen to be standing in front of.  You know, as if it is a matter of life and death, or there may suddenly be a shortage of the damn things.  Well you get the idea.

Luckily, because the weather just happened to be El Scorchio, the shops were surprisingly quiet.  Everyone was out enjoying the sun.  So we go into a shop, I take Holly's pram and push it around while daddy picks out clothes he likes.  Then it is my turn to look while dad pushes the pram.  Within about 5 seconds of this switch-over, Holly decides it is time to start the show.  She has already been fed, changed and had a lovely long nap, but still the screaming and crying begins. We take her out of the pram and hold her.  Nope, that doesn't work.   We put her instead in the sling, still no joy. There is no soothing her.  She is probably just cranky due to the heat having lived nearly her entire life so far in near sub zero temperatures (it is Scotland you know).

The looks have started already though.  Other shoppers, walking by, staring, some shaking their heads, some tutting.  Making faces as if to say...

"Can't you keep your baby quiet"


"Don't they know how to look after that baby?"

I am being silently judged by other people.  I feel like an inadequate and bad mother.  After all, what kind of mother brings a crying baby to the shops?  Or can't soothe her crying baby? Me, apparently.  Daddy says its fine and to keep shopping, she'll calm down eventually.  I can't though, I'm too annoyed/upset and I abandon my shopping and leave the store.  I hate being judged.  I wasn't doing anything wrong was I? I certainly wasn't ignoring Holly's cries.  Yet I am made to feel like shit by strangers.  This is why I hate taking Holly out in public, for the most part she is good, but in the back of my mind there is always the fear she has a meltdown and it terrifies me.  As a result I tend to do most of my shopping online to avoid such situations.

So my question is, if you had seen me and my crying baby, would you judge me?  Would you act like I was ruining your day and make it so blatantly obvious that you thought I was doing a shit job?  Or am I over-reacting?   Should I just ignore these mean, ignorant people?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Good neighbours and boundaries (I'm not just talking fences)...

We moved to our new house 2 weeks before Holly's due date (cutting it fine I know).  We were extremely lucky to get our tiny flat sold and find and buy the house of our dreams in time for our baby's arrival.  As it turns out the little madam ended up being 2 weeks late, which was quite handy as it gave me time to do the only decorating we needed to - the nursery!  One of the main selling points of the house was the garden though.  I wanted a lovely garden for Holly to play in.  As soon as I saw this garden I knew it was perfect.  Railway sleepers.  Decorative slabbing. Beautiful patio.  Lovely lush plants.  The whole things had been beautifully landscaped by the previous owner (thanks Jacqui).  Even better is the fact that it isn't particularly overlooked.  There is one house behind us, a bungalow.  If anything, we overlook it.

Now here is the problem.  Our neighbours, either side and over the back.  The problem? They are lovely!

I should be pleased really.  Our neighbours have so far:

  • showered us with gifts when Holly was born
  • Invited us to summer barbecues and parties
  • Baked for us
  • Offered to babysit Holly any time
  • Offered to cook for us and get our shopping when Holly was a newborn
  • Brought our bins in when we've been out
  • Put our bins out when we were away from home
  • Taken in our washing when it started raining
  • Given us gardening advice
  • Given us energy saving lightbulbs
I could go on...

Here's the thing though.  I find it overwhelming.   I'm a friendly chatty person, but I'm quite a private person too.   I really don't mind having a chat, or going to parties or accepting parcels for them when they are out, or feeding their cat when they are on holiday.  It's just constant.  They see you pulling into the driveway, they are out to say hello and ask about your day.  You go to hang out the washing, it takes 30 mins because they are straight out to talk, and won't let you go.  Now its good weather and I have Holly out in the garden, they come straight out, and I'm expected to talk to them the whole time I'm out there.  I don't mind a quick chat, but that wasn't why I went outside.  If it isn't one neighbour its another.  It's never ending.  I just want to enjoy my garden in peace and quiet, just me and my family.  Is that too much to ask?  Am I being mean?

I understand how lucky I am to have such lovely neighbours, I really do.  In our old flat we really weren't blessed with nice neighbours at all.  No one would speak to anyone.  I used to get glared at if I dared say hello!  There were always arguments about the shared gardens, and it was pretty much left up to us to do all the gardening and maintenance.

At the new house I just want a little peace. Please. Please?  Is it really a lot to ask?  Hopefully the neighbours will settle down when we've been in for longer, maybe it's still the honeymoon "getting to know you" period for them.  What do you think?  I'd love some other opinions or advice.


Want to see my lovely garden? NO?  Well tough, here it is anyway!

Friday, 18 May 2012

The weather today...

The weather today could quite literally be described as...

These are Holly's...far too small to be mine!

Okay, so these are nice frilly pants and maybe not the best choice to describe today's weather. Perhaps a big old pair of disgusting, faded, greying pants may have been more accurate choice. I don't own any pants like that though (yeah right), so this is the best I could do. I am sure you will agree they are much easier on the eye!

In all seriousness though, did the Gods of weather forget to buy a calendar this year? Are they on holiday, on strike? Are they unaware that it is May? So I've decided to send an email to all the weather Gods just to remind them. So be warned, I'm marking it high importance and adding a read receipt so you better not ignore it!

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I have always had troublesome spotty, oily, horrible skin.  It is a nuisance.  I have to do a lot of "maintenance" as I like to call it to keep the horrid spot monster at bay.  This is just one of the measures I take to keep my skin SMOOTH...

Grrr baby!

I hope I haven't put you off your dinner!

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Flying the Flag!

For anyone who doesn't know, The Eurovision Song Contest will be happening on the 26th of May!

Now, I have always prided myself on having a fairly serious taste in music, listening to Bands like Pearl Jam, The Cure, The Kinks, you know the kind of thing.

Well... I'm sad to say that musically I have one weakness....Europop! I absolutely love Eurovision and all that europop rubbish!  People criticise it for being cheesy, but that is what is so good about it!  It's camp, it's kitsch, it's crazy and it is hilarious!  What's not to love?

So what will I be doing on the 26th?  I'll be having a fabulously trashy Eurovision party like I do every year, getting dressed up, making nibbles, drinking cocktails, dancing the night away to bad music and generally flying the flag for Eurovision...although I firmly expect the UK and poor old Englebert Humperdinck to receive "nul points" as always (damn geographical and political voting)! I can't wait until Holly is old enough to enjoy Eurovision too, we can even use it as a sneaky way teach her some European geography!

So to celebrate my Eurovision excitement I'm going to treat you to a snap of a previous, disastrous Eurovision entry from the UK, aptly titled (as luck would have it) "Flying the Flag" by Scooch.  It was our entry in 2007 and is everything a Eurovision entry should be... camp, fun, and bloody awful!  Enjoy!

Watch the cheesy video HERE!

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Guilty Pleasure!

As guilty pleasures go I'm probably going to get mocked severely for this one....

I have a secret love....PRISONER CELL BLOCK H!!

That's right, I love the old, Australian, female prison drama that for some reason is mocked for it's dodgy wobbly sets and bad acting.  Let me tell you though, it is FANTASTIC! I really don't think it is as bad as people remember.  For the most part the acting is superb and some of the story lines are fantastic, this drama highlights a lot of issues that were quite controversial at the time it was aired (1979-1986). It covers so many issues including  incest, physical and mental abuse, drugs...you name it and they've covered it!  Believe it or not, you are so gripped by the drama you barely notice the sets wobble at all. 

Did you know Prisoner Cell Block H is the largest box set of a TV series ever released?  It totals a whopping 692 episodes over 40 volumes...and here comes my confession.  I OWN EVERY SINGLE ONE!  That's right, I bought the whole box set!  Let me tell you, I'm not even half way through yet and even if I watched an episode every day it would take me nearly 2 years to watch the whole series! It is far better than a lot of the so called dramas on television today and mock me if you will, but I'll defend it to the death.

Want to see my collection, well OK...seeing as you asked nicely!

Guilty as charged!

I highly recommend you watch it if you can, buying the box set would set you back a bit but I'm reliably informed by other similarly obsessed weirdos that you can watch it all on YouTube!  

 Now, lets  fade out on the theme tune....

He used to give me roses,
I wish he could again;
But that was on the outside,
And things were different then.

We'd built our world together,
With a love so clear and strong;
But that was on the outside.
Where did I go wrong?

On the inside the sun still shines,
And the rain falls down;
But the sun and rain are prisoners too,
When morning comes around.

Last night I dreamed we were together,
Sharing all the love we've known;
Till I had to face the nightmare,
Of waking up alone.

On the inside the sun still shines,
And the rain falls down;
But the sun and rain are prisoners too,
When morning comes around.

On the inside the roses grow;
They don't mind the stony ground;
But the roses here are prisoners too,
When morning comes around.

He used to give me roses,
I wish he could again;
But that was on the outside,
And things were different then. 
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Saturday, 12 May 2012


I remember when I first saw the news about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  As a mother it is hard to imagine anything more devastating happening to a family than the disappearance of a child.

Madeleine went missing from Praia De Luz, Portugal on Thursday the 3rd of May 2007.  It is hard to believe how long ago this was. Today is her 9th birthday.   

I'm sure a lot of people believe that after such a long period of time, she may never be found.  I don't see it that way. I have hope. I believe that actually there may be a higher likelihood of finding her than ever before.

Why do I believe this?  Madeleine at the age of 9, wherever she is in the world will most likely have access to a variety of media.  She may have access to a TV, a radio, a computer and newspapers.  By keeping her case in the media there is an increased chance that as she grows older she may stumble across the details of her own disappearance.  It has happened before. 

You may or may not be familiar with the case Carlina White in the USA who was kidnapped from hospital at just 19 days old. She had no memory of her real parents and was raised to believe she was the daughter of her kidnapper. As she grew older she began to suspect she was not the child of her so called mother. She began researching missing children and stumbled across details of her own case.  Carlina was eventually reunited with her parents after 23 years.  I truly believe this could happen in Madeleine's case too.

That is why it is so important to keep Madeleine's case in the public eye.  Wherever she is , regardless of the country or continent simply  keeping her image in the press increases the chances that someone may recognise her now, or that she may even recognise herself.  As individuals we can all  help. Simply emailing or sharing her picture and details of this campaign on social networking sites could make a huge difference. It takes only a few minutes.  So lets get this campaign off and running.  Lets get it trending on twitter, lets get it on the news and in the papers.  Below is all the information you will need to join in:

Below is the most current age progression image of Madeleine, it is a guide to how she may look now as a  9 year old.  Please share this image and the information given below with as many people as you can.  All the details you need to report any information or possible sighting of Madeleine is below.

If you see a young girl who looks like this, PLEASE CONTACT:
Your local police force immediately, AND

Operation Grange
0207 321 9251 (in the UK)
+44 207 321 9251 (non-UK)



OR Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555111 or www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Thank you.

If you know where Madeleine is now or who was involved in her abduction, or if you were in Praia da Luz around the time of Madeleine’s abduction (3rd May 2007) and have not spoken to anyone in the police, please contact Operation Grange or Crimestoppers using the contact details above.

It's never too late to do the right thing!

If you would like to find out more about the campaign or other ways to help please visit the website for more details or check below for more ideas on what you can do to help the campaign. 

Additional ways to help:

  • Are you a blogger? Why not write a post of your own, tag others to do the same, include #blogging4madeleine and  share your post with everyone you know. You can also share it at the Britmums link up too!

  • You could Carry a Madeleine ‘info card’ in your wallet/purse or a photo and the investigation helpline number in your mobile phone. This will allow you to have instant access to a photograph of her and the investigation contact number, if you see a little girl who resembles Madeleine.

  • Donate to Madeleine’s Fund ‘Leaving No Stone Unturned‘ – This can be done via several routes including via the website.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Madeleine.  Please do what you can to help.

Happy Birthday Madeleine.  Thinking of you.

Friday, 11 May 2012


Where I live the winters are never really what you could call mild.  In fact it is May now and we still have frost in the mornings!  That said, I've never experienced a winter as cold as the winter of 2010.  In the area where I live I remember the temperatures fell below -16C!!

It was so cold rivers were frozen solid, and we actually braved the cold and icy conditions to go and look at the frozen spectacle.  I can truly say I've never seen anything like it in my life.  It was strangely beautiful.

 This is what the river looked like, it had frozen and the ice had cracked.

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The haunted baby monitor...

It would appear that it is time to call in the GHOSTBUSTERS to investigate in my house...or is it?


I've always had an over active imagination. I'm prone to flights of fancy.  If I'm in the kitchen at night and the lights are on I can't get over the feeling that someone might be out there in the darkness outside my window, peering in unseen with evil intent.  So much so that I won't look out of the window once I've flicked the light switch to off, for fear I actually discover I am in fact correct.  I'm a walking contradiction though.  Despite this and many other irrational fears about lurking maniacs and ghostly faces in darkened mirrors I'd love to go and explore so called haunted houses and I've yet to see a horror film that I haven't laughed at.  Perhaps that is the problem, maybe my imagination is better than a horror script...

I'm getting off track though.  I'm here to talk about the baby monitor.  Holly has only just gone into her own room (under protest from me - but that is another story), so we have only just started using her baby monitor and the damn thing is scaring the bejeebus out of me.  For some reason, since the very first time we turned it on, somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought that I might hear something unexpected and sinister through it.  Every noise that comes through it, apart from the Holly noises, has me convinced there is something or someone  moving about in her room.  Now, I'm a logical person, I know the rustling noise is just Holly turning over in the cot, but it sounds creepy when amplified through this electrical appliance.  Or the times when the sound of her dreaming noises are distorted by interference and it sounds like a creepy demon growling.  It is far from reassuring.  Then again, there was the time, in the dead of the night that the monitor kept picking up weird noises even though her room was silent.  It turns out it was just interference and I needed to change the channel.  With all these things I know there is a logical explanation, but sometimes when her monitor goes off I hate it.  I get a fear in the pit of my stomach that the noises I'm about to hear will be unearthly and sinister.  Perhaps I'm just subconsciously looking for excuses to bring her back into our room?

What do you think of baby monitors?  Is yours driving you slowly insane like me? 

Holly's slightly unhinged and irrational mother.


I love this time of year.  Even if the weather could be better, the few days of sun we've had are a reminder that the summer is somewhere waiting in the wings ( Summer - please don't get stage fright and run away, we are counting on you)!  So for now I'll content myself with looking at the beautiful spring blossoms and dream about the long lazy summers days still to come.

Blossoms on a country walk

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Perfect man?

I was shocked recently to come across a survey carried out by the British Menswear company Austin Reed on what attributes supposedly make the perfect man.  The survey was taken by 2000 women and these are  the qualities the participants deemed necessary to make the "perfect man" :

Apparently, the perfect man is...
  1. Six feet tall
  2. Muscly, toned and athletic
  3. Brown eyes
  4. Short dark hair
  5. Smart dress sense
  6. A beer / lager drinker
  7. Non-smoker
  8. Wears smart jeans, shirt and a V-neck jumper
  9. Gets ready in 17 minutes
  10. Stylish
  11. Wants a family
  12. Earns £48,000 a year
  13. Loves shopping
  14. Eats meat
  15. Clean shaven
  16. Smooth chest
  17. Watches soaps
  18. Enjoys watching football
  19. Drives an Audi
  20. Educated to degree level
  21. Earns more than his other half
  22. Jokes around and has a laugh
  23. Sensitive when his wife/girlfirend is upset
  24. Says 'I love you' only when he means it
  25. Admits it when he looks at other women
  26. Holds a driving licence
  27. Can swim
  28. Can ride a bike
  29. Can change a tyre
  30. Rings mum regularly
I don't know about you, but as I was reading some of these I was thinking -

"Where did you find the 2000 women you surveyed?"


"They do realise they are describing a gay man?"

Ok so I'm stereotyping there, but really? I suppose that is another point though, why did the survey not include the opinions of gay men? Surely they have a worthy opinion on what makes the perfect man?

Still, that isn't the only thing that bugs me about this survey. To me, the majority of the listed requirements seem vacuous and superficial.  I'm probably taking it far too seriously.  This survey is probably only meant as a bit of fun and not meant to be taken seriously,  but are these really the qualities mothers are potentially teaching their children to look for in a partner?  I certainly don't want my child thinking that just because someone doesn't drive and Audi, earn a certain salary, or have an unshaven chest that they aren't good enough.  I mean just because someone earns a high salary it doesn't necessarily mean they are hard-working or trustworthy does it (I mean they might be a criminal mastermind)? What happened to qualities like courage and kindness? I don't know about you but I'd take kindness and compassion over a waxed chest any day (especially since I don't even wax my own body hair - thanks Veet)!

I could pick apart the survey some more but I'd end up just going off on an angry rant and foaming at the mouth.  I really do hope this survey is just for fun....

So what do you think?
Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Inside my Fridge

 I have two fridges.  I could show you the food one, but then I'd be fielding awkward questions about the horses head I'm currently keeping on ice in there.  So I'll show you the other one, it's my favourite anyway!

Not an alcoholic - they are all unopened!

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The best part of me...

These are the truths of you my child.

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

You are determined.

You are smart.

You have opportunity.

You have qualities beyond my imagining.

You take my breath away.

You are loved.

You are the best part of me.

Yet you are so much more.

I wish you a wonderful life my beautiful child.

Love Always,



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Sunday, 6 May 2012

View from above

I love my country, and living in Scotland I'm lucky to live close to some very beautiful places.  I especially love the countryside.  I love the sights and smells, the wide open spaces, the spectacular views and the imposing hills and mountains.  I'm an occasional Skier and a keen hill walker, which has helped me snap some spectacular pictures over the years. So here are some for you all, to show you just what I'm talking about.  Again, cheating slightly as I couldn't just pick one - sorry! I hope you like them!

So can you forgive me now for being a big old cheater?  Go on...

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Saturday, 5 May 2012


I've always loved the ocean. I think the oceans are the most fascinating, mysterious and beautiful places on earth. In my entire life I've never lived more than 10 miles from the sea and I couldn't imagine not living by the coast.  If ever I'm in need of cheering up, a good walk along the beach will always do the trick.  I'm lucky, I've been to many beautiful places with many beautiful beaches and views of the ocean which would take your breath away.

I even wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid when I was little! However, as much as I love the ocean, swimming in open/deep water terrifies me.  Which has meant I've never had the courage to fulfil one of my dreams - scuba diving (did you know SCUBA stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus?)!  So instead I have to be content with visiting Sea Life Centres and looking at the beautiful blue underwater world through the safety of steel and glass.

Beautiful blue - how could anyone not love something as beautiful as this?

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Friday, 4 May 2012

Thrifty tip - What to do with old or broken lipsticks!

It is always annoying when you break your favourite lipstick, or you get to the end of it and there is that little bit left inside the bottom of the tube which is too far down to use.  There are several things you can do.

Broken Lipstick

If you have both pieces you can re-attach the tip easily by heating both ends of the break, you can do this with a flame (I use a long handled matchstick**).  Once heated the ends should soften enough that you should be able to stick it back together.  Allow to cool and set before using.

Lipstick ends/old lipstick

Sometimes when you break a lipstick you lose the tip and are left with only the end, or your fave lipstick is so well used you come to the end which it makes it difficult/impossible to apply.  If you are thrifty you can still get use out of these small pieces of lipstick.

There are a couple of options.

Option One

This is the easy/lazy option.  Keep the lipstick end in the tube and apply with a lip brush.  Or decant into a small pot or container and apply with a brush or fingers.

Option Two

This takes a bit more work, but the results are worth it!

You will need:

  • An old lipstick

  • A hair pin

  • A heat proof bowl/container

  • A spoon  (for mixing)

  • Vaseline/petroleum Jelly

  • Food flavouring like mint or vanilla (optional)

  • Loose glitter eyeshadow or pigment (optional)

  • A small pot

Take the hair pin and scoop the lipstick out of the tube.  Place in the bowl.  You may need to heat the lipstick to soften it.  You could use a hair dryer on a very high heat, or pop the bowl on the microwave for a couple of  seconds  (I'd literally do no more than 2 seconds at a time and keep checking it - you do not want hot lippy exploding in your face). When the lipstick is soft and pliable with the spoon add some Vaseline to the bowl and work together until you are happy with the consistency.

 Now if you are really posh you can add a drop of food flavouring to make it taste yummy on your lips, but you will only need a tiny amount (or you could used the minty Vaseline you can get now instead) !  When you are happy with it you can scoop it into your pot and you will have a lovely lip gloss!  You could even mix different lipsticks to make your own unique colours! Or you could add a tiny sprinkle of loose glitter eyeshadow or pigment to add a bit of sparkle.  You can really improvise how ever you like!

You may need more than one pot, depending how much gloss you've made!

Looks delicious!

Hope you have fun making the most of your make-up!

**Always take extreme care when using naked flames. Take care to stay away from flammable substances and take care not to burn yourself. If you choose to try this tip your safety is your responsibility!


I don't really drink that much any more.  This is due to a combination of tiredness and the fact that over a year without alcohol has made me somewhat of a lightweight.  More than one glass of anything and I start to nod off whilst dribbling onto my own lap...

That being said, when  it comes to tipples I have 2 great loves.

My first and greatest love is Jack Daniels.  Loved since the very first sip passed my lips when I was about 18 and from that moment I rarely drank anything else for a long time. Everyone knows about my love affair with "Jack" and even David refers to it as my "other man"!  I remember one year for Christmas just about everyone bought me a bottle and I ended up with 20 bottles of the stuff (ahhh heaven)!

My other, more recent love is Prosecco.  I was never the greatest fan of champagne, but having discovered this lovely stuff about 7 years ago it is my drink of choice for special occasions and when I'm pretending I'm all posh and stuff.

 "One doesn't do Champagne daaaarling, one only drinks Prosecco you know..."

Now here is the confession, while I can say that Prosecco has indeed passed my lips since my year off , I have thus far chickened out of returning to my beloved Jack.  I'm terrified he may now overpower me with his beautiful warmth and his wonderful 40% volume...So I still have Jack, lonely, abandoned and unopened in my kitchen.  Here he is...

Jack, the other man in my life.

  So here's to you Jack, my love. No one could ever hold a candle to you (well lets face it, you are flammable and that would be very dangerous, not to mention stupid). One day soon we'll be reunited.  I raise my glass to you Jack, although unfortunately it will most likely be full of Prosecco for the moment!

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

School Days

This isn't me best work, but here goes...

I found my time at school moderately enjoyable.  The earlier years at school weren't anything to write home about really, I had a tendency to be shy and never really made my mark until my final 2 years at secondary school.  I loved that time.  I had discovered myself by then.  I knew what I liked and (thought) I knew where I was going in life.  I was doing well academically and unlike most of my peers I actually enjoyed exams!

I wouldn't say I studied excessively, but when I did study I had a secret trick which helped me keep all the facts and figures in my head for exam day!  This secret?  MUSIC.  Not music that was popular in the charts at the time  but something a little more "Old School".  I wholeheartedly believe listening to Queen, The Police and Blondie albums helped me pass my exams.  For each exam I would listen to a specific album.  Then during the exam if I was struggling to remember a fact I would simply think back to what album and what song I was listening to at the time I studied that particular topic.  It worked like magic.  The fact, date or calculation I'd been struggling to remember would pop right back into my head!  So thank you to those fab musicians, your music still makes me smile and reminds me of that magical time.  You are legends!

My study buddies!

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Now I'm a mummy I don't have much time for pampering.  To be honest though I wasn't ever really a going to get my nails done kinda girl.  I far preferred to open a bottle of plonk and do a bit of DIY pampering. Manicuring, painting my nails and sometimes even doing a little bit of nail art in a drunken stupor (messy but fun).  I have to say, even tipsy, I paint a mean nail!

Sadly, since the birth of Holly there have been no drunken nail painting sessions.  However, being the sneaky so and so that I am, I used this special #SnapHappyBritMums post as an excuse to leave Holly under daddy supervision and do my nails in honour of this blogging event. 

Here is the finished result:

Okay so technically I'm cheating using 2 photos, but I couldn't pick which hand I liked best!  So what do you think people? Too much time on my hands?

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1st thing in the morning

Even though I'm not exactly a morning person (I was built for long lies), since the arrival of Holly I've come to appreciate mornings a whole lot more. 

With Holly around every morning is different.  Sure, we have the same routine but Holly is ever changing.  Each morning I am astounded by something new that has seemingly developed in her overnight.  A new expression, a new skill, a new sound.  Some are subtle, others are so surprising it takes my breath away...

As much as I love to see her grow, it is a bitter-sweet joy that comes from the knowledge that her baby days will be ending far faster than I would like.

This morning Holly held some food, and ate it herself.  My girl is only going to be 5 months this Friday.  I didn't think she was ready, that she was too young.  Holly had other ideas.

So here it is, the evidence to show my ever growing girl.

 Hope you too had a lovely morning!

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Snap Happy BritMums Photo Challenge!!

It is with some trepidation that I'd like to tell you all I am going to attempt the #SnapHappyBritMums challenge!! There are 31 days of photo prompts to work my way through, and let me tell you I'm probably going to crash and burn before I've reached number five (so it'll go about as well as my diet has thus far...)!  For now though I'm an eager beaver ready to get into it.  So without further ado, lets get this show on the road!

If you are thinking of taking part, here is a peek at the 31 prompts for you!

Don't forget to include the little pic below to help identify your post as part of the challenge!

Happy snapping bloggy people!

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