Thursday, 3 May 2012

School Days

This isn't me best work, but here goes...

I found my time at school moderately enjoyable.  The earlier years at school weren't anything to write home about really, I had a tendency to be shy and never really made my mark until my final 2 years at secondary school.  I loved that time.  I had discovered myself by then.  I knew what I liked and (thought) I knew where I was going in life.  I was doing well academically and unlike most of my peers I actually enjoyed exams!

I wouldn't say I studied excessively, but when I did study I had a secret trick which helped me keep all the facts and figures in my head for exam day!  This secret?  MUSIC.  Not music that was popular in the charts at the time  but something a little more "Old School".  I wholeheartedly believe listening to Queen, The Police and Blondie albums helped me pass my exams.  For each exam I would listen to a specific album.  Then during the exam if I was struggling to remember a fact I would simply think back to what album and what song I was listening to at the time I studied that particular topic.  It worked like magic.  The fact, date or calculation I'd been struggling to remember would pop right back into my head!  So thank you to those fab musicians, your music still makes me smile and reminds me of that magical time.  You are legends!

My study buddies!

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Sonya Cisco said...

Brilliant! All I learnt was the lyrics to the songs and how hot Sting was in the 'don't stand so...' video! X

Marilynn said...

Seriously if Sting had been my teacher he wouldn't have had a prayer. I'd have been all over him like a rash! Yum!

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