About Me

Hello, my name is Lynn. 2 years ago I pushed a baby out of me.  It was quite uncomfortable to say the least.  I have spent my time since then trying to bring up my child to not be feral, eat pot noodles or end up on Jeremy Kyle.  My plan is to help her grow into a marvellously magnificent human being.  I'm not going to lie, it has been tricky so far but we seem to be making good progress.  My daughter Holly seems to be blossoming despite whatever rookie mistakes I've been making...

 All those people that say you can't imagine your life without your child (once you have one) are actually telling the truth.  I used to think that was all talk, turns out I was wrong!  Holly has melted my non-maternal heart and made it go all soft and squidgy, which funnily enough is also what she did to my flat stomach nothing to do with eating cake I'm sure. This parenting malarkey is certainly a challenge and while I've cried many tears of pain, frustration and (mummy) guilt, the tears of joy outweigh it all a million times over.  So here I am, a first time parent.  Boldly travelling through the mystifying land that is parenthood.  It smells of dirty nappies a bit...

Yup, that's us there!

Let me tell you some quick facts about me:

  • I'm 31 years old.
  • I'm Scottish (I do eat haggis occasionally, but I have NEVER had a deep fried Mars Bar.  I don't even know any chip shops that sell them.)
  • My daughter Holly was born on 16/12/2011, twelve days later than expected.
  •  I'll try anything once, and I love DIY and making things from scratch.  
  •  I have a degree in Podiatry, although I don't currently practice.
  •  I met the love of my life (David) on a blind date!
  • David and I have been together for 11 years, and he is my best friend. 
  • I am a a bit of a neat freak.  Everything must be clean and it's place.  If you move my stuff, there will be trouble....
  • I'm very self critical, stubborn and I'm not shy about expressing my opinion... in the nicest possible way of course!  No need to be rude! 
  •  I enjoy music, baking and eating large amounts of cake, Ebay (a little obsessed), visiting new places, reading, talking (far too much in some peoples opinion), making lots of lists, cleaning (not joking), any variety of potato based foods, playing with my teeny tiny one (Holly), and generally having a bloody good time (sometimes this might involve alcohol).
  • I dislike rude people (there are a lot of them about unfortunately), spiders, eggs, brussell sprouts, text language, untidiness, bad manners, bullshitters and not ever having time to do my hair any more.
    • I'm a HUGE Marilyn Monroe fan.  I've read extensively about Marilyn throughout my life and I am somewhat of an expert on her.  Say what you like about MM, but she was a lot smarter than people give her credit for.  She may have been seen as nothing more than a bimbo by some, but she was determined and strived educate herself.  She fought for the right to be taken seriously in a male dominated industry.  She was always judged based on her looks, and she didn't believe she should have to compromise or sacrifice that to be taken seriously. 

    About this blog:

    • I aim to talk about things which affect me as a mother, the positives and negatives!
    • I aim to include reviews of  products I have use.  These could be anything from make-up to baby toys!
    •  There will be a lot of pictures of Holly. 
    • I love bargains and will be sharing mine on the blog.  Check out the Holly's Hauls section to see some of the bargains I've found for Holly. 

        That's it folks.  Now go and read my blog.  Well, if you want.  I wouldn't want to force you.  That would be very impolite of me.

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