Monday, 30 April 2012

Thrifty tip - How to fix broken powder compacts!

If you've read my Mummy's Make-Up Bag mission statement you'll know a few things about my view of make-up.  You'll know that saving money on make-up is important to me.  With that in mind today I'm going to share with you a few tips that will hopefully save you a few pennies as well.

Smashed Powder Solutions! 

Have you ever had the misfortune of finding your favourite blusher, bronzer or pressed powder smashed?  It used to happen to me regularly.  When it happened I used to believe I only had 2 options.  Either keep trying to use the smashed contents inside the compact or bin it!  The first option generally ended in disaster as every time I opened the compact bits would fall out on my clothes, carpet and furniture leading to regret and sometimes un-shiftable staining!  This would then force me to resort to option 2...the bin!

Well, I'm here to tell you these are not your only options!  I have TWO solutions for you!

Solution One

You will need:

  • Smashed make-up (still in compact)
  • A few drops of isopropyl alcohol (you can buy it for a couple of £ from any good chemist, or you might have some in your first aid kit already)

All you need to do is add a few drops of the alcohol to the compact and it should absorb into the powder softening it.  You should then be able to work it into a paste with your fingers and press it together into the base of your compact.  Once you have done this you need to let it dry out (the alcohol you added will evaporate), I usually leave it overnight to dry out although you can use a hairdryer if you like.

The finished product will look something like this:

Ok, so it isn't pretty but at least you haven't had to chuck it in the bin!!

Solution Two

You will need:

  • a sandwich bag/poly bag
  •  Something heavy like a rolling pin
  • A make-up sifter jar with a screw lid (you might have an old one, but you can buy them for about 99p)

Essentially all you are going to do is turn a pressed powder into a loose powder. Simply empty the smashed make-up into the bag and seal it, mash it with the rolling pin (being careful not to burst the bag) until it is a fine powder. Place the powder into the new jar and you're done!

From this...

To this...obviously don't over-fill though!

Well, it really is as easy at that!  Hopefully these tips will help you save some make-up, and some money!  You can even do it with eyeshadow!

Stay tuned for the next post....what to do with old lipsticks!




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