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How and when do you find the time to...Meme

Some time ago I was tagged to do this wonderful meme.  I love doing memes I do!  Shamefully though, I have been neglecting all meme activity due to...well do I really have a valid excuse? So I am here to atone for this sin and I'm finally doing it!  Before I get into it, here are the meme rules:

1. Please post the rules!

2. When answering the questions, give as much information as possible. It's all about the finer details people!!

3. Leave a comment on Sex, drugs, rocker...and stroller, baby. This is so we can keep track of the Meme and take a polite nose into everyone else's lives!

4. Tag 3 or more people and link to them on your blog.

Now we've dealt with the serious business lets begin!

How and when do I find the time to....

 ...Do the laundry?

I always have to keep on top of the laundry! It is all about planning, and I plan and organise like an Army General! Since we use cloth nappies, if I didn't keep on top of the washing the laundry room would end up smelling like a public toilet! I do washes in the morning and at night.  I put on a wash once Holly is down for the night, as you can't hear the machine in her room as it is at the other end of the house.  I'll leave the clean load in the machine to hang out next morning. In the morning once Holly has been fed I can leave her to play on her mat for 5 mins while I hang out washing and put on another load, and when she goes for her morning nap it is time to hang out that load! Job done!

...Write a Blog Post?

I'd like to say I'm as organised with this as I am with everything else in my daily routine, but it is really just a case of whenever I have a spare moment!  I (sadly) prioritise housework over blog posts, which means I will allow myself time to blog only when I've done everything else.  As I shed my blogger newbie skin I'll sure I'll find a niche in my routine somewhere!

...Look after yourself  i.e wash your hair, paint your nails, have a bubble bath etc.

As a lover of bubble baths B.H (before Holly), in the 4 months since her birth I have managed a grand total of...ONE!  Even then, I think I spent a total of about 10 minutes in it when previously I'd have been in there for hours topping up the bath with hot water when required!  I don't really have time to paint my nails either, but I don't mind that.  I do however indulge myself in the hair wash department.  I have long hair and I have always washed it every day (I have mega greasy hair), I would feel disgusting not to wash it as it gets so lank!  Not that I get time to dry and style it though!  I do have one MAJOR indulgence though...every morning, come hell or high water I make the time to apply a full face of make-up!  I love make-up and although I don't think I look terrible without it, I enjoy the process of application.  I find it relaxing.  It really is my "war paint" and applying it makes me feel ready to tackle the day, all while looking decidedly yummy of course! Really though, I feel like it is the one thing in the day I do just for me.  

...Spend time with your other half
Its all about the evenings, when Holly goes to bed we have a couple of hours together before bed and that is it at the moment.  We have been for dinner once since Holly was born, but generally never have time off from Holly at all.  It would seem that all the talk from people  about being keen babysitters came to nothing.  They were  only interested in the fun stuff, and during the first 4 months had little or no interest in helping look  after a Colicky baby, despite watching how hard it was on us.  Holly isn't colicky anymore, but I'm kind of pissed off that people only wanted  to suit themselves when it came to seeing Holly, so I'm now a bit stubborn about letting people babysit!!   

...Do fun stuff with your LO?

Holly is only 4 months, but at the moment if Holly is awake and it isn't time for a feed it is all about play time.  Toy time, tummy time, singing, reading, swinging, swimming...we do it all! Let me tell you it is tiring, but genuinely worth every second to raise a smile from my baby!  Baby games are a bit of a mind numbing bore, but every day I see Holly develop more and more and it spurs me on! Looking forward to when she has some decent (not baby) toys once she is older though...its been a while since I've played with lego!  

...Spend time with family?

Each set of grandparents get a visit once a week,  as I'm not OK with my parenting being critiqued more often than that!  I know they are trying to be helpful, but it doesn't do much for my confidence as a parent.  To be honest at the age Holly is now it is hard to fit visiting in as both sets of grandparents work during the week and seeing them in the evening isn't a good option because of the time Holly goes to bed. I really don't want to mess up her routine too much.  I suppose we could spend time with them at the weekend but that is the only time daddy gets off for us to spend time together just the three of us!  I think as Holly gets older things will get easier, but at the moment I'm happy with how things are.

...Socialise with friends?

Still not done much of this since Holly was born.  Friends come to the house which is fine, but I really don't think I've been anywhere without either Holly or Daddy at all apart from to the shops, the park or for a walk. It might be nice to get out for a few hours like I used to for dinner or drinks - or both! Yet when I think about going out with friends to enjoy myself I feel terribly guilty leaving Holly (is that normal?).  I do plan to start socialising again soon, and it is my goal to have a proper night out with my friends by the time Holly hits 6 months.

...Prepare an evening meal juggling baby bedtime routine?

I love to cook!  I find it relaxing!  After dinner in the evening I always check the fridge and freezer to see what I can make for the following day.  Once I've decided, I'll either prep or make it that evening once Holly is in bed to be reheated for dinner the next day.  If I can't be bothered doing it the night before I'll make dinner in the morning, ready to reheat later.  I make all sorts, lasagne, curry, casserole and I'd say most of these things actually taste better the next day anyway.  On the odd occasion I've not done this I'll make something simple and quick like steak and chips or fajitas! Finally though, there are occasions when I simply cannot be arsed and that is when a takeaway menu comes in handy!

...Deep clean the house?

Right, I'm sorry to say I'm a little obsessed with cleaning.  As I am limited time wise since having Holly I tend to clean in short bursts.  Either when Holly is napping or once Holly is in bed. I'll do it when watching TV in the evenings. I'll get up and clean in the adverts rather than having to endure another hideous "Go Compare" advert.  I do daily cleaning Monday - Thursday. So that might be a little bit of dusting, sweeping the floors a quick hoover etc.  Friday is deep clean day when I abandon day to day cleaning and you'll find me cleaning down the kitchen cabinets inside and out, clearing out my chest of drawers and wardrobe or even cleaning glass, mirrors and doors.  I'd say I do glass, mirrors and doors every week but I'll rotate a room to deep clean each Friday.  I have to say I always feel much better when I know the house is clean! I do A LOT of cleaning, and I could go into much more detail about this but I'm worried about being seen as a psycho!

...Do the food shopping?

I try to avoid doing this at the weekend as the supermarket is far too busy and I can't stand being shoved into by rude people!  David will try to take a half day from work once a week so we can both go to the supermarket (taking Holly with us), we go to Aldi for some bits and generally ASDA for everything else.  Also, we do price comparison on the ASDA website with all our receipts and can generally get enough money back to cover the cost of Holly's milk each week which is a bonus!

...Do bulk ironing?

Are you mad?  I  do very little ironing at all.  I don't even have an ironing pile!  I know you must be thinking that is weird given how OCD I am, but I don't need to. Having worked in retail for a number of years I am an expert folder (yes there are super secret folding techniques) which help with creasing a lot!  Also, I find the only time most things get creased is when they are left in the ironing basket to be ironed!  I firmly believe if you hang washing correctly and have a tumble drier to utilise you can pretty much keep your washing crease free! The only things in my house that get ironed are David's work shirts, (which a lot of the time he is happy to do himself) and duvet sets.  Although that is were things start to get weird.  I iron the duvet set once it is on the bed!  It makes it easier to get the fold creases out from when it was in the linen cupboard!   (This post is making me seem like a complete nut job isn't it?)

So there you have it people, you've been exposed to my weird little ways!  

Now all that is left is to tag some people!

Who shall it be...and the nominations are...

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I hope you ladies don't mind!!  



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