Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Listography - 5 wishes for my child

This week over at Kate Takes 5 she has been pondering what five wishes she might bestow on her child if she were to happen across the services of a fairy godmother.  So it has definitely got me thinking about the 5 things I'd most wish to bestow upon my own daughter.  So let me wave my own mummy magic wand and as if by magic my list shall appear below....

*POOF* (noise made by magically materialising list)

1.  Self esteem or self belief 

Throughout my life I've been plagued by confidence issues and I definitely believe that lack of confidence has stopped me pursuing goals in my life through fear of failure.  In the past I have often been guilty of putting the needs and wishes of others before my own needs because I've felt inferior or not as worthy. I really want to reinforce to my daughter that she has the ability to do whatever she puts her mind to and that she should never feel less than.

2.  Common Sense

I feel that there is a lot to be said for common sense and it can be helpful in so many aspects of life.  I also feel like it is something not a lot of people seem to have these days.  While it must be nice for those with their heads in the clouds, I'm sure it must obscure your view for a lot of things!  I'd like to think that I possess a suitable level of common sense which has saved me from making stupid mistakes and decisions on many occasions!  

3.  To not have any irrational fears or phobias

I don't suffer from many of these luckily, only the fear of spiders and mess!  Also possibly a fear of Sharks and/or deep water.  Really not sure which as I'm a bit scared to swim in the sea and it really sucks because one of my big wishes in life is to learn to SCUBA dive.  Well anyway, Holly's dad has quite a few phobias including birds of any size - even the tiny ones, large dogs and bananas (that is correct, I said bananas.  Having nearly choked to death on one as a small boy he has suffered a crippling fear of them ever since.  His fear is so bad he can't walk past them in the supermarket aisle).  Until you have a phobia I don't think you can appreciate just how much they can potentially limit you and hold you back from being able to do both simple, every day tasks to things you'd really love to do (like SCUBA diving).  So please fairy godmother, no phobias!

4.  To never have to worry about money

I don't mean I want Holly to be rich, I just don't want her to know how hard it is to worry about money.  I never wanted for anything as a child and my parents always worked hard to make sure I had everything I needed. Despite this though, even as a young child I was very aware of how poor my parents were (my dad had a serious accident at work when I was little which meant he was unable to work for years. Back then there were no big compensation pay outs and his employer had no legal obligation to keep him on).  I worried about money for them, as a child I never asked for toys or sweets because I knew we couldn't afford them and even at birthdays I only asked for small things.  I remember walking around supermarkets with my mum counting every penny as she put things in the basket and debating what things we could go without as we'd run out of money.  I know I don't have to worry about that with Holly just now as we have a decent enough income, but as with my dad's situation things can change rapidly and it is something I never want  Holly to have to experience.  That is probably why I am so thrifty now!

5.  Good health

Many people take good health for granted, and simply don't understand what a precious thing it is to be healthy.  Whenever I'm feeling down I always remind myself  "at least I'm healthy".  Some of my family are not so lucky and suffer from chronic illnesses.  Illness has such an effect on their day to day lives, limiting their ability to complete even the simplest of day to day tasks and basic mobility.  I want my daughter to enjoy a full, healthy life.

Ta da! That is it for another Listography!  If you fancy taking part pop on over to Kate Takes 5 and join in!


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