Thursday, 19 April 2012

Nappy Liners are easy!

If you use cloth nappies you might also currently use something called a nappy liner, then again, you might not.

What is a nappy liner? 

A liner is a either a fabric or disposable barrier that is placed on the inside of a nappy.  It should not be confused with an insert which is used to absorb wee. What this barrier does is catch poop meaning that you don't have to scrape, rinse or scrub the inside of the nappy to remove the poop from it.  Instead if it is a disposable liner it can be thrown away, or if it is fabric you can usually shake the contents off into the toilet with minimal effort, rinse the liner and pop it into the wash with the rest of your nappy laundry! This means that your nappies will also stay stain free!  While disposable liners probably offer more convenience, over the long term washable liners are definitely better value and don't take any extra effort as you already have nappies to wash anyway!

Now, you could go out and buy some nappy liners if you like, but the cost of these can vary quite considerably, but by far the most cost effective nappy liner is homemade!  Now let me let you into a secret...making liners is ridiculously easy!  You don't need to be good with your hands, or crafty in the slightest either!  You don't even need a needle and thread!  Want to know how?  Well read on...

Things you will need:

  • Sharp Scissors
  • A template (mine is 12 inches long by 5 inches wide approximately -  you may need to adjust sizes depending on the nappies you use)
  • A pen or something to mark out the material
  • Anti-pil fleece fabric (this is why you don't need to sew....fleece doesn't fray!!!)

How much fleece will you need? 

As a rough guide using the sizes given, half a metre of fleece should make between 30 - 40 liners depending how you lay them out!

Where can you buy fleece fabric?

You should be able to pick up fleece really cheaply in any fabric shop or even Ebay!  If you have a quick search on ebay there are lots of different designs to choose from to suit either girls or boys!  Or maybe you have an old fleece blanket lying around?  You could use that if you like!

So how do you do it?

Lay out your fabric.  Draw round your template as many times as needed.  Cut out. Now step back and admire your easy hard work! Ta Da!!!  You have made your liners!  I told you it was easy!!!

Even if you decide not to use all the fabric for liners, why not use some of it to make cloth wipes?  All you need to do for that is cut into squares or rectangles of any size you like! 

So people, there you have it!  The easy peasy nappy liner!  Hope this helps!

Happy Real Nappy Week!


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