Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cloth Nappies...The best solution?

Are you a cloth nappy using mummy or daddy?  If so, I am fairly certain most of you will also be using cloth/washable wipes too.  Or are you considering giving cloth wipes a go for the first time but not sure how to use them?  Well, I was thinking as it is Real Nappy Week I'd share with you my favourite, easy to make wipe solutions that help keep Holly's bottom fresh, sweet smelling and rash free!

You can use nappy wipe solution in either a spray bottle to apply to dry wipes or store your wipes moist in a wipes box (or tupperware container).  Bare in mind that if the wipes stay moist for too long they may get a bit yucky, so always check, rinse and refresh with solution when necessary!  Volumes needed will depend on how large your spray bottle or how many wipes you moisten.  I advocate only making small amounts at a time so the solution and wipes stay fresh!

Super Simple/Plain Wipe Solutions

Plain old water!  Yup, sometimes that might be all you need!


Water and a couple of squirts of your favourite baby shampoo or baby bath

Sensitive Bot Wipe Solutions (ideal for nappy rash)

Cooled Chamomile tea (yes - it really works!)*

*If the nappy rash gets very severe I'll sometimes pop a cooled damp Chamomile tea bag over the affected area and it really helps!


Water and Aloe Vera Gel

Calming (anti fungal) Wipe Solution

Water,  a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil


Water, Tea tree and a few drops of white vinegar

Peachy Perfection Wipe Solution (well apricot but close enough)

Water,  a few drops of almond oil and apricot oil

That is it!  It really is that easy! Don't be scared to experiment and have fun with your own recipes though, remember to mix first before applying to the wipes as this means if you aren't happy with your solution you can start again! Also as you are using such small quantities of ingredients you won't have to worry about expensive wastage!  Remember, using cloth wipes is better for baby, better for the environment and also better for your bank balance!

Happy Real Nappy Week!



Bex said...

Great ideas here! We were too lazy to make our own and have the Cheeky Wipes kit though.

bumps2babies said...

Great solutions. We either use water on it's on or with essential oils or cooled chamomile tea. Luckily never had any nappy rash but good to know putting on a cooled damp chamomile tea bag helps if we ever had nappy rash problems x

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