Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Listography....Male Solo Artists!

First off...this will be my first Listography!  Being a lifelong lover of lists, I couldn't wait to jump in feet first and take part!

It's all thanks to Kate and her fabulous Kate Takes 5  blog!  This week's Take 5 topic is Albums by Male Solo Artists.  I've got to admit I couldn't have picked a better week to join in.  I love music, not that you could call me particularly knowlegeable on the subject! I would say my taste isn't totally mainstream and might be described as a teensy bit ecclectic too, so that might make for some interesting choices...here are my five:

1.  Ben Folds (formerly of Ben Folds Five*) - Songs For Silverman

Fell in love with his music first through BFF* and later his solo work. What this man can do on a piano messes with my mind and my emotions.  If you have never heard his work then you are missing out on something special.  Particular favourites on this album are Gracie (I sing this to Holly), You To Thank and Jesusland. In a word - GENIUS!

2.  John Martyn - Solid Air

The late, great John Martyn holds a special place in my heart, so trying to pick an album was particularly hard for me because I pretty much love everything the man ever created!  Eventually I chose the album Solid Air, if only for the fact that my fave song May You Never is on it!

3.  David Bowie - Diamond Dogs

The living legend that is David Bowie never wrote (or sang) a song I didn't like, and that includes in the film Labyrinth (thumbs up for big hair and tight tights)!  I enjoy all his albums but again chose this because of the inclusion of the song Rebel Rebel.  That song is a bit of an anthem for me, and it always gets me going if I listen to it while getting ready to go out!

4.  James Taylor - Sweet Baby James

An artist championed by the Beatles, it is safe to say that while James Taylor might not be everyone's cup of tea, the man is a fine musician!  This is a great album and includes some great tunes, particularly Steamroller, Fire and Rain and Country Road.

5.  Gunnar Madsen - Spinning World: 13 Ways of Looking at a Waltz

What more is there to say about this album, other than it is simply beautiful! A classical, instrumental album, the song Anna actually brings a tear to my eye!

So there you have it, my fabulous five. There were so many more I wanted to include but it was just too difficult!  If you haven't already taken part in this Listography, why not do it now?  I'd love to see what you all pick!


minibreakmummy said...

Yay - someone else who has chosen a Bowie album!

a mental mum's little world said...

Bowie seems like a popular choice!

Jenography.net said...

Diamond Dogs is a goodie. I wonder if he is on everyone's mind, with the recent news around the cover of Ziggy Stardust. In any case, he definitely endures...

Kate said...

Oh what a great selection - Diamond Dogs is my second favourite Bowie album and good to see John Martyn getting another mention.

Nickie said...

*shame faced* I've only heard of Bowie on your list!!

Stix said...

I've only heard of Bowie too...although Ben Folds Five rings a bell. Must go and check out the others. *opens up You Tube*

Marilynn said...

Ha ha! Don't worry, my music taste is a bit diverse!

Marilynn said...

You'd probably heard Ben Folds Five before. Their songs "Brick" and "Underground" were quite well known. Definitely worth checking out Ben! Seen him live a few times, his skill on the piano is amazing!

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