Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Organisation Week Two - What are you wearing on Christmas day?

I won't be going to a work Christmas party this year, so I've not had to dig out the old faithful little black dress this year after being disappointed by the dresses I've seen in the shops.  I have to say I'm quite relieved about that.  However, I still need to find a dress or outfit that is appropriate for Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day as I have cooking to do and taking care of a baby I tend not to get overly dressed up for Christmas Day.  It is also far too time consuming spending time getting glammed up just to stuff myself with turkey!  A bulging gut isn't the best accessory for a fancy frock!

I don't think my legs look particularly good in trousers and it is hard to find nice ones in my length as I am a bit of a short arse, so I like a nice knee length dress.  I tend to opt for a plain block colour dress and jazz it up with some bold accessories or shoes.  So this is the outfit I'm considering for Christmas Day.  I'd love to know what you think.

The Dress

A simple black dress.  It has a bit of stretch to accomodate Christmas over-eating.

The Jewellery

Some blingy earrings to add a bit of sparkle to the plain black dress.

Similar to the earrings.

The shoes

These aren't my exact shoes, but very similar.  Not had a chance to take a pic of mine yet.  I call them sitting down shoes! As I can only wear such uncomfortably high heels when I know I won't be walking far!  I'll probably wear my slippers when I'm up prepping dinner, but after that it is my statement shoes all the way.  I think they really add glamour to a plain outfit!

That's it! What do you  think of my choice.  I think it is quite glamourous without making a huge effort.  No Bridget Jones knickers necessary!


Michelle said...

I think it is VERY glamorous - I'd like to see what you wear when you do make the effort. Where is the dress from? I really like the shape of the skirt.
The shoes are amazing - I think they'd look lovely under the tree with a glass of champers next to them!
Enjoy your Christmas.

Marilynn said...

Thanks Michelle! You won't believe me when I tell you were I found this dress....I got it on Amazon believe it or not! It was really reasonably priced and they do it in a variety of colours. I plan to get one in red too!

Emma x said...

The shape of that dress is really lovely, i can't beleive that it's from Amazon!! As a shoe fanatic, i can safely say, those shoes are beautiful!! x

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