Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Organisation Week Three - The Freezer is your friend

So come Christmas Day (although pretty much the whole of December) you are going to be very busy.  Especially if you are the host or hostess.  You are probably going to have a lot of people to feed while still being expected to be sociable and calm and downright perfect.  It can be pretty difficult, so when I think things are going to get on top of me I try to pre-prepare as much as I can. You would be surprised just how much you can prepare well in advance of Christmas Day. So below is a list of some of the Christmas Day essentials you can prep early or freeze to make the big day as stress free as possible.

We all know Christmas puddings can be made in advance, but if you also make Mince pies they can be frozen.  You can take out however many you need at the time and heat them through in a moderate oven and just dust with icing sugar before serving. Rum or brandy butter can also be frozen.

Parboil potatoes (to roast) for five minutes, drain and cool. Freeze when cold. You can do the same with wedges of carrot and parsnip, but parboil them for just three minutes, drain, cool and freeze. Boil Brussels sprouts for two minutes, drain and run them under the cold water tap - this preserves their bright green colour. Drain well and freeze when cold. If nothing else it will save you some room on the stove and will be a few less pots to wash on the big day!

Cranberry sauce, bread sauce and fresh sausage meat can all be frozen too.

In addition to all these Christmas dinner staples, you can make and freeze some other festive treats on standby to save you cooking from scratch over the rest of the festive season. Make some hearty soups, slow cooker stews or maybe even some curries.  

Even marinade some chicken breasts and freeze for quick lighter meals.

It really does help to do this type of prep in advance.  Why shouldn't you get the chance to relax and enjoy the festivities like everyone else?


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