Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Organisation Week Four - Christmas Lights

No doubt, if you haven't put up your Christmas tree you will be doing it soon. The lights and baubles will be coming out of storage.  You will no doubt spend more time untangling strings of Christmas lights than actually putting up the tree.  I know I used to. It didn't matter how carefully I wound them up, they always tangled. So to save you time and stop you tearing your own hair out in frustration by the time next Christmas rolls around I'll share my simple tip on how to store your Christmas lights, tangle free.  If you don't already do this you will be amazed how simple it is!

All you need is some cardboard.  Simply wrap your lights around, it and you are all done.  Didn't I tell you it was ridiculously simple.  You can wrap them around a few other things too.  A cardboard tube from an old kitchen towel or even a coathanger would work.  Hope this saves someone a lighting related mental breakdown next year...


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