Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Review - Marc Jacobs Dot EDP

I'm possibly the biggest fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances so when Holly's daddy bought me the newest Marc Jacobs scent as a gift I was over the moon!  My favourite MJ scent has always been Daisy, although I also love a bit of Lola! They are simply divine! I did wonder though if it was possible for Marc Jacobs to create yet another beautiful fragrance for me to love?  Could it possibly be a love at first sniff yet again?  Well...you'll have to read the review to find out!

First of all I adore the packaging. In a word - pretty.  Black and red polka dots (hence the name Dot)!  I'm a fan of just about anything polka dot, so I was sold on just the box.  On opening the box I was met with a signature Marc Jacobs style bottle just as cutesy as the outer packaging.  As with all MJ fragrances the bottle is simple but the top is bright, stylish and beautifully designed.  Red with black polka dots and what looked like butterfly wings.  The lid looked like a hybrid of a butterfly and ladybird, (what would you call that? A butterbird or a ladyfly maybe?  Trust me though, it looks much prettier than either of those sound!)

Apologies for the poor photos.  Took these on my phone & before I  could take proper ones I accidentally smashed the perfume bottle lid!

So...what did I think of the scent?  On first spritz it has a lovely, surprisingly fruity fragrance.  The top notes of Dragon fruit and red berries are not fresh and zesty, but are instead juicy and almost tropical.  Once the fragrance settles the rich floral scent of jasmine and orange blossom filters through.  It is a fairly strong scent,  I like that in a perfume but if you prefer lighter fragrances this probably isn't for you.  To me it is heavenly, like walking through a tropical garden on a hot, heady summer night!  So I would definitely categorise this as an evening fragrance best worn in the summer (for me anyway). It is really up to you though, wear it whenever you like! I just think certain scents suit different occasions!  As for staying power, the Dot Eau de parfum lasted longer than 4 hours on me, the scent still staying strong throughout.  I think that can be said for all the MJ fragrances I've tried though.

So what is my overall view?  This is classic Marc Jacobs.  Floral notes and a strong fragrance.  If you are a fan of Marc Jacobs this is another great fragrance to add to your collection!  I love it!

Disclosure: all opinions given in this review are honest and my own.


Sonya Cisco said...

I really want this- mostly because the bottles so gorgeous!

Marilynn said...

It is cool isn't it? I think it looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland!

justsoyouknow said...

The bottle is just so divine, i have Oh Lola though and might save for this one too.
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