Friday, 24 August 2012

Rant and Review - Always

Its that time again.  I'm on it.  Not like a car bonnet as the young uns' are so fond of saying.  Nope. I'm on it as in "I've got the decorators in".

I suggest if you don't want to read about periods that you don't read on.  Although the title should have given that away already.  Didn't you read it?  Yep, I'm in that sort of mood.  Ranty and arguementative.

I digress though.  Something has been bugging me ever since Aunt Flo came back after her year long holiday (much deserved I think since she's been hanging around me since the age of eleven).  I have ALWAYS had heavy periods and I'd ALWAYS used ALWAYS pads.  So went Aunt Flo came back I bought them again.  Yes, my period was even heavier now but they had always been more than good enough before.  Well not any more.  Have they changed them in a year?  I opened the packet and they certainly looked much tinier and thinner than I remember. Maybe I've just been spoiled by the thick pillow-like design of the maternity pad?

I now hate Always pads, they absorb NOTHING.  They are leaky. It is disgusting. I'd have to change pads about every 10 minutes they are so crap.  Awful.  I don't see how they can say they are so absorbant.  Kitchen towel would be more absorbant, and I don't even mean Plenty.  I'm talking ASDA smart price.  These things are so crap I couldn't even clean up a kitchen spill if I wanted to.  I seriously don't know what they've done to them.  Who are they made for? Effing Tinkerbell? In my opinion they would struggle to even be absorbent enough for a pixie with a period.

So that's it. I've said it. Sorry for this random blog post.  I felt it had to be said. Don't waste your money if your period is any heavier than that of a nit (if nits had periods).


The Twenty Something Mamma said...

Thing that gets me about Always ... "Have A Happy Period" - uh, WTF? Was that slogan written by a man perchance? Show me one woman who hears that on the TV and says "Why, thank you very much Always, I Shall!" Xx

Marilynn said...

Ha ha ha! That bugs me too! Like the old tampon or pad adverts that had the women roller blading and stuff! Definitely think that came from a man!

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