Monday, 16 July 2012

Review & Giveaway - Yoomi feeding system

I had heard about the Yoomi self warming bottle a few times in the past and have always wondered if it was as good as everyone said.  It did sound wonderful, a baby bottle which heats in 60 seconds to the perfect temperature, what's not to love?  So when I was offered the opportunity to try out the Yoomi feeding system I jumped at the chance!

The Yoomi feeding system includes :

The Yoomi bottle

The bottle on it's own is great.  The bottle is BPA free (which is reassuring to know), it is an anti colic design with 6 anti colic vents when standard anti colic bottles only have 4. The teats are super soft and breast shaped making them ideal for transitioning from breast to bottle, top up feeding or combined breast and bottle feeding.   Previously when we transitioned my daughter (7 months) from breast to bottle feeds she was very fussy about the teats and bottles she would feed from, but she took to the Yoomi bottle straight away when we tried it.

The Warmer


This nifty bit of kit is the bit that heats your bottle in just 60 secs at the touch of a button (its all very sci-fi)!  Great if you are out and about, meaning you don't have to miraculously find boiling water from somewhere! Nor do you need to constantly check the temp of the milk during warming as the warmer only heats the milk to a safe temperature (booby milk temp actually)!  Previously, in order to get the Yoomi warmer ready you had to heat it in a pan of boiling water or steam steriliser for 25 minutes.  I would imagine that this was a little bit of a drawback to the Yoomi system as doing this before every trip out seems somewhat time consuming.  However, the boffins over at Yoomi have come up with a beautifully simple time saving alternative to heating your warmer up - The Yoomi pod!

The Pod

The pod really is a super quick way to charge up your bottle warmer.  You just pop it in your microwave for 2 mins and you are ready to go.  Also, the pod can be used as a handy carry case.  I think you'll agree this is definitely a time saver!  We certainly found it quick and easy to use when getting ready to go out for the day.  Much easier than remembering to get ready 25 mins before you need to go out.  As a scatty mum I'd never have remembered to do it!  So the pod is ideal for me!

So what is my overall opinion of the Yoomi range?

I think Yoomi is a great invention.  It is easy and quick to use.  It is safe, with no need to faff about with boiling water thanks to the new Yoomi pod.  The bottle design is great for all babies.   It is not only great for out and about, but a quick way to heat up night feeds too.  Our whole family really like using our Yoomi.

Any drawbacks or negatives?

I only wish I'd had one earlier!

So if you'd tried the Yoomi range what do you think of it?  Or perhaps you'd like to try it out for yourself?

Well thanks to the lovely people at Yoomi you can!  All you need to do is enter the giveaway below and you could get your hands on a fab Yoomi feeding system for your family!


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Disclosure: I was sent a Yoomi feeding system to review; all opinions are honest and my own


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