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FlexiBath Review

Our daughter Holly is 6 months old and we've just booked our first family holiday!  Before now, we've only stayed away with Holly once and I was absolutely shocked by how much baby gear we had to take with us. We really struggled to find room for everything and we were only away for 3 nights!  Her baby bath especially, which took up so much room!  Even though Holly can now sit up I find it difficult bathing her in a regular bath as I have back problems and also, she slides all over the place which is terrifying!  So for holidays that really isn't an option at all.  With that in mind I have been seriously pondering what we where going to do about bathing her on holiday!

So, imagine my excitement when I received the Flexibath  from the lovely people at Whitestep for review!

What is a Flexibath?

What the advertising says;

"A baby bath  that you can fold away in seconds for easy storage.  Flexibath - innovative baby bath tub in 6 great colours.

Baby bath tub - great when you need it, but what to do with it when you don't? In many bathrooms, where space is at a premium - your baby bath tub just adds to the clutter.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just fold up your baby bath tub and stow it away when not in use?

Now you can. Flexi Bath is the brainchild of Danish designers who created the first and only hard plastic children's bath tub which you can fold up flat and put away within seconds."

First impressions of the Flexibath

I was incredibly surprised by how light it was despite being made of very sturdy plastic.  It was much more compact than I expected when folded, but when it is opened you discover it is a very generously sized bath, perfect for continually growing babies! Also, it is incredibly easy to use.  There is no effort required to fold or open up the bath, it can literally be brought out or put away in seconds.  There is no complicated way of folding it at all, just fold and hold in place with the clip at the side and that's it!  Such a simple but effective design.

I was also surprised to discover that the flexibath is that it isn't just for babies!  It is suitable for children from 0-4 years, so it won't end up being one of those items you buy for your baby which they will outgrow in a couple of months. Not only that, but when your child eventually outgrows it you can then use it as a storage box, a toy box or even a laundry basket which you can conveniently fold away when not in use!  What a useful item to have around!  Knowing how many different ways there are to use the flexibath it definitely seems like value for money to me!

Using the Flexibath

Holly loves this bath! Unlike her previous baby bath it is big enough that she can properly splash and play in the water as it is not only a good length, but nice and deep as well.  At 6 months I can easily see that this bath will be big enough to last her for years to come.

Splishing and splashing!

When bath-time is over, to empty the bath we simply place the full bath in our own bath or shower tray and remove the rubber plug.  The water drains away slowly and steadily which is good if you are using a shower tray as it means you won't risk flooding the bathroom. Once drained just fold, clip and pop away wherever you like!
The rubber plug

Ideal for holiday use?

I would say definitely, we actually took the bath away with us for a long weekend (test run for our big holiday) and it was ideal!  We packed our boot full of our bags and pushchair and we simply lay the folded bath on top of all our luggage.  No problem at all.  I dare say if you actually did run out of room in the boot this bath is compact enough to be stored in one of the seat foot wells of your car as well.

I also tried popping it into a full suitcase and it fit perfectly in that too.  It is light enough that it shouldn't effect your baggage allowance either! 

When we were away we didn't have lots of room to store it either so to have a bath that could be filled and drained using a shower was ideal too.  So as a holiday item I'd definitely recommend it!  You could even use it as a baby paddling pool outdoors if you are on holiday and need a quick way to keep your little ones cool!

Any negative points?

I wouldn't say this was a negative really, just something which I feel could be improved upon.  We use the bath on the floor (easier on my back), me sitting on one side and daddy on the other. The clip used to fold the bath (located on one side) sticks out when the bath is unfolded.  The clip isn't sharp or anything like that, but I have found it caught on our clothes when sitting beside the bath.  Perhaps there should be some way to hold the clip when it isn't in use?

Overall view

A great value, good quality baby bath.  Not just good for holidays and trips away but every day use. It is great for space saving as it will fit into just about any space no matter how small. A great all round product with many uses.  Reasonably priced at £29.95 it is available in a great variety of colours too.  You can even get matching bath toys!  Both Holly and I give this bath a big thumbs up!

Disclosure: I was sent a Flexi Bath to review; all opinions are honest and my own


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