Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Versatile Blogger?

I feel lovely blogging comrade, chief mischief maker and fellow biscuit lover Miss Cisco of The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock 'n' Roll Mum has bestowed upon me a great honour.  She has dubbed me a Versatile Blogger.

There was a catch though...I had to share with you all 5 random things about me you probably don't already know!  How very sneaky of Miss Cisco...

 1.  I have one tattoo and in my lifetime I've had 5 piercings.  4 of those piercings were in my ears the other nipple!  My tattoo is (Gothic) angel on the base of my back.  I used to be a bit of a rock chick back in my late teens and early 20's.   My personal style back then was distinctly different.  Leather, safety pins, dog collars, biker boots... I have mellowed a bit since then, but I still like the music!

2.   I was once in a fairly serious white water rafting accident.  Our raft struck some rocks in a particularly bad patch of the river and several of our party where catapulted into the icy water (it was December).  They were swept a few miles down the river by the surging currents.  Myself and the OH (David) where stuck on the sinking raft and had to climb onto the jagged rocks we had crashed into or also face being swept down river.  We were then stranded on the rocks as the current was too strong to swim to the riverbank.  We waited hours for our rescue, by which point we had developed mild hypothermia.  The only way off those rocks involved being flung a rope which we then had to cling onto for dear life and jump into the rapids and be pulled to safety.  During this rescue the current was so strong the other people stuck on the rock with us couldn't keep hold of the rope and were also swept away.  Myself and David were the only ones to make it to the banks without losing grip of the rope.  Luckily everyone was found at various points of the river with varying degrees of (minor) injury and hypothermia.  We were extremely lucky that day, things could have been so much worse that day.  It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced in my life.  The mad thing about it all is that I wasn't even supposed to be going rafting that day.  I have a fear of deep water, but as there was a spare place in the raft I was convinced that it was perfectly safe and the river wasn't particularly fierce.  Reluctantly I had agreed...then look what happened!

3. I'm a secret agent Podiatrist.  That is right, I'm a specialist of the foot and lower limb.  It took 4 years at uni studying everything from anatomy, dissection, medicine, pharmacology, anaesthesia, biomechanics and all sorts of other gubbins including placements in about a bajillion hospitals.  I'd always wanted to start my own private clinic once I qualified but recession really isn't the time to start a business with such big overheads (I'd need a lot of fancy pants equipment - bah humbug). As I'm a mummy now I have no plans to practice any time soon.  However, if you ever need any advice about yer old smelly stumps, ask away! Whether it be a Subungal haematoma troubling you or onychocryptosis of the nail, I'm your girl!  Be warned though, being able to give a proper diagnosis over the internet without actually seeing your feet isn't likely!

4.  I have a phobia of creaky wool and putting wool in my mouth!  You know when woolly jumpers get washed out the wool goes all funny? That's what I mean by creaky wool! Also, if you put wool in your mouth it squeaks against your teeth.  That makes me wretch!  At school during knitting and sewing class we never had enough scissors the teacher used to make us gnaw the wool instead of cutting it! Urgghhh!

5.  I like gross stuff!  I suppose it helps when you are a podiatrist, I've seen some really gross and grisly sights doing that!  But in general I LOVE squeezing spots, lancing boils etc. The grosser the better! There is just something satisfying about it all!

I don't know if  after all that I come across as versatile or a total loon, but that's me I guess! So now I've sufficiently bored fascinated informed you about me, let's see who else would I like to know more about?   Who do I consider versatile?  I'm sorry if I seem to be tagging the same people constantly but, I think this has gone round quite a few people already!

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Hope you ladies enjoy!


Leopard Print Mommy said...

brilliant, thank you so much :) ive done it

gina caro said...

Great post, very funny x

Marilynn said...

Thanks sweetie! Was a great read! XXX

Marilynn said...

Thank you, it was fun to write! Glad to know someone enjoys my ramblings! X

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