Friday, 28 February 2014

Two Years Two Months

Two years and two months.

My little lady.

I've been lucky blessed to be able to spend my days watching you grow.

I've rarely been far from your side since you came into my life.

I used to believe it was because you needed me, but maybe the opposite is true.

The time has come to register you for nursery.

So now you are preparing to spread your wings and broaden your horizons. Even if just a little bit.

We visited the other day, and as you ran and explored you barely gave a backward glance.

My heart aches for you. Knowing that I have to let you leave this nest. To fly free.

You've always been an independent little lady. Even as a baby. You never wanted to lie down, to chill, or snooze or snuggle.

You wanted had to sit up and absorb it all. Interact. Get stuck right in.

You always wanted to do everything yourself. To assert your independence. You never gave up trying. Not until you achieved your goal.

I love that about you. Yet it pains me.

So young to be so grown up.

So little to be so independent.

I've rarely been far from your side since you came into my life.

My little lady.

Two years and two months.


MamaMummyMum said...

Lovely words, they grow so fast don't they!! #PoCoLo x

Beth said...

I absolutely love the photo :D!! She's obviously very happy and assured :D!

Kim Carberry said...

Beautiful words!!
She's adorable x

Judith Hurrell said...

Aww, it's an emotional time when they start to take little steps away. I'm dreading mine starting school in September. But they'll always be our babies, no matter how big they grow. #pocolo

Victoria Welton said...

She is absolutely gorgeous. It is one of those bittersweet moments, sending them to nursery. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x Hope to see you again :)

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