Thursday, 21 February 2013

Making a boob of it!

I have boobs. I have very large boobs. I am not going to lie, in my youth I might have used those boobs to my advantage. They always came in handy when it came to getting served more quickly in a busy bar. Terrible, I know.  They are however, my boobs. To use as I wish.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no supporter of page 3. I'd happily see that scrapped, but that isn't what I want to talk about right now.

I have an issue though. Not with my boobs, just other people's attitude towards them. I'm not even talking about men.  Of course me and my friends and family do occassionally joke happily about my humongous chest. That doesn't bother me.  These people know me, we have a history. They know what my boundaries are.

My issue is with people I don't really know, feeling that it is acceptable to make comments about the size of my breasts. It isn't as if I walk about with them hanging out and even if I did, that is my choice.  I've had people I barely know, I've just been introduced to trying to start up a conversation with me by mentioning my breasts!

"Wow, would you look at the size of your boobs. God, they are so big!"

"God, would you look at the size of those!"

"You have massive boobs!"

It is always something along those lines and usually accompanied by a grin or a snigger. I hate it. Now if I had a really large head, or was hugely obese, I am betting that no one would think it was so acceptable to say that directly to me?  So what makes my breasts an acceptable target for comment? God forbid I was to meet another woman with small breasts and comment on the size of her bust. Could you imagine it?

"God, you have the smallest breasts I've ever seen, wow!" 

What a rotten thing to say, and clearly unacceptable. So what makes it ok for people to comment on big boobs but not small ones? 

Now I'm pretty laid back about the attention I get for having big boobs. I've never known anything different. I wouldn't mind if people had a genuine question about my boobs either, like where I buy bras, or do they cause me back pain etc. I just think commenting on their size just for the sake of it is insulting and unnecessary. Like somehow I have gone my whole life not noticing how big they are!

So strangers, take heed. Just because my boobs are very visible doesn't make them fair game. So think before you speak, don't make a boob of yourself  by commenting. Or I might just have to smother you to death in my more than ample boobage...


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Completely agree. I just say "really? Are they? I never noticed" x

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