Monday, 5 November 2012

Christmas Organisation week 8 - Homemade Mini Christmas Trees

Well hello there, are you feeling festive yet?  Well if not, don't worry.  It is a little early yet for all that!  If you are though, don't let me stop you busting out the festive cheer!  Either way, I hope you enjoy today's blog post!

This post is mainly about gathering your ideas.  I haven't made any decorations yet myself as I wanted to get my cards and gifts done first before I started on the fun stuff. In the next few weeks as we get closer to Christmas I will be doing posts on my decoration projects though, but at the moment I just wanted to give you something to get you started as the weeks are flying in and I don't want to give you ideas and no time to make them!  So enough of my prattling on, lets get started!

Today it is all about Christmas trees.  I've had a good gander at Pinterest and seen some great stuff.  I do love Pinterest, it is a great place to gather ideas.  I do have an account but I never seem to have the time to actually pin anything.  I generally just find the idea I want and I'm off!  Also, I can't afford another internet addiction. Twitter and Ebay take up enough of my time!  Anyway, below I'm going to share with you a few little gems of ideas I've found through Pinterest and general googling!  Links to the websites with instructions are all below if you are keen to start crafting!

Plain Paper Christmas Trees

Found this simple idea on, with full instructions these are so pretty and all you need is some paper!  You could even use some patterned paper or add some glitter!

Cupcake Case Christmas Trees

This cute and crafty idea comes from The 36th Avenue where you'll find the full tutorial, and guess what? It is really easy!

Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

Check out these beauties from the fabulous Spunky Junky.  Another fabulously simple idea which needs minimum supplies.

Yarn Christmas Trees

Bright, colourful and ridiculously simple to make, what's not to love about these trees from I DO invitations by Michelle as featured with a full tutorial on Living Locurto.

Glitter Ribbon Trees 

Being the human equivalent of a magpie, I adore these glittery trees from Artsy-fartsy mamma.  Fabulously festive!

Glitter Cardstock Trees


More glitter here from Landee See, Landee Do.  Trees covered in beautiful glittery flowers.  You could even change the design and use star shapes instead, or any other shapes you like.  You could even use buttons instead of paper shapes!

Pearl/Bead Christmas Tree

Another favourite of mine is the bead tree as made by Gray Matters.  Use any colour string of beads you like or you could use individual beads or pearls and glue them on in any patter you like.

Hope you like the ideas I found.  The internet is certainly full of some very crafty and innovative people! 


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Nice diy Christmas Decorations . I love you work, keep sharing awesome work.

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