Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas Organisation Week 6 - Crafty Toddler Christmas Tree

So the other week we decided to go to ikea for a little bit of shopping.  I was thoroughly enjoying myself admiring all their new Christmas stock.  When suddenly amongst it all I spotted something which really got me excited.  Something for Christmas.  Something I thought would be a perfect idea for Holly at Christmas time when she got a little older.  This was it...

Cool huh?

That's right, it's a cardboard Christmas tree, with stickers!  So, at first I was thinking how amazing this was.  What a great idea. Give the kids their own tree to decorate in the vain hope it keeps them from destroying your real one.  Common sense and fun!  

As Holly will only just have turned 1 by Christmas I thought she might be a bit young for something like this just now. So I decided to get one of these trees for next year instead. I was just about to pick one up, when I noticed the price.  The tree was fifteen quid. That's right. Fifteen quid for a bit of coloured cardboard and some stickers. Now I'm sure some people wouldn't bat an eyelid and just buy the damned thing. Not me! There are far better things I could spend £15 on! Especially when you realise that once the stickers go on, that is it! The fun is done, you can't reuse it. Did I mention it was £15?  Needless to say, we came home without one. 
So that got me thinking.  Couldn't I just make something similar at home for half the price? Something which could be used over and over again? You bet I could!

So I have two possible ideas to craft a reusable kids Christmas tree.  Both are simple and I'm sure they could be used for years to come. I think if you made either of these for a toddler it would probably be easier to make it yourself, but if your kids are older they could help making these trees and have a great time doing it!  So does this sound like your type of thing? If so, then read on!

Idea One

Not bad eh?

A handmade cardboard tree. Get yourself a large piece of cardboard, cut it out into a Christmas tree shape and paint it green.  If you are really crafty you could cut two interlocking tree shapes and make a three dimensional one similar to the ikea one.  I think a flat one would be just as good though, as that means you can hang it on the wall easily.  Make some cardboard Christmas tree decorations to go on the tree. Cut whatever shapes you like.  Candy canes, stars, round and oval baubles, etc.  Paint or colour them in, add any decoration you want, glitter, sequins, you get the idea.  It can be as fancy as you and your kids want it to be.  Glue some velcro tabs onto the tree and the back of your baubles and you are all finished!  You and the kids can now have fun decorating the tree over and over again.  As you can see from the picture above I'm not the only person to have this idea.

Idea two 

How cool is this?

Pretty similar to the idea above, but using coloured fabric or felt instead of cardboard. You can make it as fancy or simple as you like. You could either cut out plain shapes for baubles or make some fancier ones by sewing or adding embellishments like glitter and sequins. It seems I'm not the first person to have this idea either, as I found a lovely example of one on Craftsy (pictured above).

So that is pretty much it!  Fairly simple if you ask me! What makes it even cooler is that as you will be using Velcro the kids can take off the baubles and stick them back on as often as they like. Day after day, or year after year if it is a big hit! As I said, Holly is just a bit too young to appreciate something like this just now, but rest assured we will be making one for next year!  Although, we might even make both!  So do you think this is a good Christmas craft idea?


Sonya Cisco said...

You know oddly I was just on the ikea website and wentnthrunthe same thought process as your good self! I love the idea of making our own, we normally have a big real tree, but this year that will be a bit dangerous for Syd so we are going for a small artificial, but I might make a cardboard one for the kids to draw all over for fun! :)

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