Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Getting organised for Christmas - Week 11

Is this you?  Did you find the Christmas lights but lose your sanity?

First of all, I see it on twitter every day.  People bringing up the topic of Christmas and others becoming crazily pissed off at the mere mention of it this early on.  I mean, of course I get it.  We haven't even had Halloween yet and everyone is banging on about Christmas! Well let me clarify my position for you.  I don't want, or expect you to be getting excited about Christmas. I won't suggest you adorn yourself with Christmas earrings or bust out the Santa socks.  I don't want to piss anyone off, I just want to convince you that being organised for Christmas earlier will not only help your bank balance, but might possibly preserve your sanity.  Dare I say it, if you are a busy parent you might even manage to find 5 minutes to enjoy the festivities as opposed to running about like a headless Christmas turkey chicken!

I'm pretty sure any parent could tell you what a crazy time it can be.  Christmas gifts and cards to be bought, wrapped, delivered. Parties to organise or attend and possibly outfits to buy. More last minute gifts to buy for horrible people who spring them on you unexpectedly.  Christmas meals to plan, Christmas plays to attend, make costumes for and help out at.  Oh and you still need to keep on top of the housework, especially as the risk of unexpected visitors is about to increase rapidly during December.  Oh yeah and looking after those pesky kids/babies.  Don't forget them. There are probably another thousand things I've not mentioned, but you get the picture?  So then let me ask you a question.  If you can make it easier on yourself in any way at all, why wouldn't you?  I plan to do just that, as I also have my mother, partner and daughters birthdays in December too!  So as a Christmas gift, I'll be sharing my easy, stress free Christmas tips with you all!  I know, I know I'm too kind! If you are still unconvinced and resistant to talk of chrimbo this early I suggest you head off on your not so merry way.  I wish you good luck you are going to need it!

Time permitting I plan to do a Christmas related post every week (for the next 11 weeks) up until Christmas.  Starting out with organisational tips ranging from Christmas cards and gift buying to homemade gifts and Christmas  decoration ideas.  Towards the end, as we become more organised (I hope), I'd like to do some posts on Christmas traditions or favourite Christmassy stuff!

The 1st post (week 11) will be all about Christmas cards.  How to get cheap good quality cards, how to save on stamps, Christmas card alternatives etc.  You can read it HERE!

I hope that some of my tips will help to make your Christmas a little more merry than maniacal!


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