Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Darkest Night

I peer outside, into the darkened world beyond my window. The ground sleek and black with rain. The street lamp glow illuminating pockets of driving rain. I raise my head and listen as the wind howls through the trees and rafters. I watch the trees twist and thrash against the gathering storm, almost as if they are trying without avail to keep it at bay. Yet still the storm gathers. The moon is bright in an inky sky. It gazes on, impassive to the nights proceedings. An ancient moon it carries the memory of a thousand storms that came before.

I shiver and pull the fabric closed. The menace firmly sealed outside these walls. The house creaks and groans under the weight of each blow. I begin the nightly ritual. I check each door, and one by one each light is extinguished leaving only howling noise and caressing darkness to keep me company as I slowly and carefully ascend each creaking stair.

In the dark, a new and unheard noise fills my ears and my heart fills with a cold icy dread. A strange, unearthly noise. A strained and strangled cry fills the air and I am frozen for a second. Quickly and driven by some long dormant, primitive instinct, I run. Along the hall, I reach the door at the end, the noise emanating in waves from the other side. Fear and dread stand shoulder to shoulder with me at the doorway. Holding my breath I open the door.

I look down, and in the dim light I can see the outline of her face. I lean closer and watch as the traces of a smile linger on the corner of her lips. A breath escapes from her, deep and relaxed as she dreams beneath her heavy lashes. She whimpers gently. She does not stir when I gently kiss her forehead, but again a gentle smile plays across her lips. A beautiful child lies sleeping safely in a blanket of her dreams. As calm, still and bright as the moon she shines a light into the darkness to guide me even in this, the darkest night. This storm too shall pass.


Laura CYMFT said...

I really got into this post. I was wondering what was going to happen and was a bit nervous too! Lovely ending though. Thanks for joining in with the Britmums carnival :)

Coombe Mill said...

Fab descriptions in here!

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