Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mummy's Make-up Bag

My Love Affair With Make-up

My love affair with make-up began at secondary school. It developed out of a need to cover the acne I had developed during puberty.  This acne became so severe I was prescribed medication to combat it.  As a result the acne eventually subsided, but the love of make-up stayed.

Implications of a make-up obsession?

Some people might say that being obsessed with make-up (as I am) is shallow and I could be setting a bad example for my daughter.  They might say I'll be teaching her that she needs to look good, or a certain way to be accepted in the world.  Let me say this,  I wear my slap because I enjoy it, not because I'm trying to be accepted (ok, maybe in my teenage years - but not now).  Some people get tattoos, or piercings.  It is a personal choice.  It doesn't mean they expect they same of their children.  It is a hobby of mine in the same way my love of books is.  I'd never  push it upon my daughter, and I certainly wouldn't advocate her wearing make-up from a young age. She can make her own choice.  She will probably be more likely to want to wear it because I do, but given the fact that I don't look like this: