Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What I Ate Wednesday - The Slimming World Edition!

Welcome to my very first What I Ate Wednesday! I decided to start doing this because I thought it would be easier than picking my favourite SW meals from the week to share in a post with you. Doing a post on a full day of Slimming World eating will probably give you a better idea of how this way of eating works on a day by day basis. Hopefully it will illustrate how wonderful, filling and easy to follow SW is! So without further ado, here is what I've been tucking into this Wednesday!


2 X  Alpen Light bars. 2 of these delicious bars can count as your Healthy Extra B choice. I believe if you don't want to use them as your HEB they would have a Syn value of 3.5 per bar.

Quick tip - I occasionally crumble one into a low fat vanilla yogurt. It's a great treat!


Slimming World super speed soup and a banana. I really love this soup! I know some people prefer to blend it, but I love the chunky texture. A very filling lunch!


Homemade Quorn lasagne.  Normally I would make lasagne with lean beef mince but I didn't have any and I always have a stash of Quorn products in my freezer so I decided to use my Quorn Mince for a change! I made sure to add lots of veg, carrot, celery, mushrooms, peppers, onion and courgette.

Quick tip - I didn't do it on this occasion but sometimes when making Lasagne I will also substitute the pasta layers for vegetables instead. You can use leeks (but you need to boil those to soften them first) or roasted peppers and courgettes. I personally think the latter makes a much tastier lasagne. I was just far too lazy to do it this time!


Lidl low fat strawberry yoghurt
Options hot chocolate (Belgian Chocolate flavour)


Not many today. Just  2 for my hot chocolate and another couple for the Philadelphia I used for the Lasagne topping. Although, since I didn't eat the whole lasagne it might be less!

So there you have it! What did you eat this Wednesday?

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Big Fashionista said...

Oooooh I love this. Thank you. I started SW on Tuesday so will be following this series with a lot of interest.

I had Fruit & Fibre for breakfast.

A wholemeal roll with beef in it and some oranges for lunch.

For dinner I had a chicken stir fry and I've also had a muller lite and some melon.
Do you think that's ok???

Marilynn said...

Hi! Yes that sounds really good! One thing I think is great about SW is that you can have such a wide variety of foods and plenty of them. Good luck, probably end up comparing recipes on Twitter at some point too! :)

Anonymous said...

I am trying to lose weight as well. What I am doing is just less snacky food which I so love and indulge into before. Hopefully this would work =)


Victoria Welton said...

This is a great idea. It's only since I have been on my diet that I have been keeping a food diary. It really works. Love quorn mince too. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! I am on/off with slimming world recently but now home life is settling I am going to return to a class as I love the plan. Love your tips about the alpen bars and lasagne!

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