Thursday, 8 August 2013

Twitter - debate, opinion, argument?

 If you are a member of a particular community on Twitter, you may have noticed lately that things have gotten a bit heated. Maybe the people involved* would deny that. Labelling it "healthy debate". In my opinion it isn't, and if that is a viewpoint you disagree with, I'm happy to hear you out. Then of course I will thank you for your opinion and insight and agree to disagree on this particular point.  Done.

You see to my mind, debate isn't about resolution.  It's about expressing your viewpoint in a clear, concise and intelligent way. If you are debating something it wouldn't be much of a debate if the other person had to listen to you shouting them down repeatedly in a sustained manner. Rehashing the same point over and over.  If someone stands up for what they believe in, nothing you say will change their mind. To continue bringing up the same points, over and over is counter productive. You are no more likely to change your opponents mind than the first time you made the same point. Do you honestly think that bombarding someone with your opinion will make them change their mind, admit they are in the wrong, or apologise?  Would you, if the shoe were on the other foot and it was something you really believed in? Of course you wouldn't! So why would someone else? Hearing each other out and agreeing to disagree is probably the best you could hope for, so why is that such a hard concept to grasp? Making your point then walking away is fine. Respect the fact that someone is strong enough to stand by what they truly believe in, just as you are.

Why must such things be dragged out? It solves NOTHING. All I see are the same points recycled and reworded again and again while these "debates" rumble on for days, weeks, months.  They shouldn't get personal. I don't just mean personal attacks like name calling and badmouthing. I mean that after many of these incidents on Twitter those involved end up viciously opposed to each other. Why? You disagree on one thing, get over it! There are plenty of people I disagree with on Twitter and in real life but I don't react in such a dramatic fashion. Of course I don't mean life or death issues (and to me most of these debates aren't).  I've yet to meet a single person I agree with wholeheartedly on everything. God, if everyone took an "Us VS Them" attitude over everything the world would be a bitter, harsh and lonely place.  Is it really so difficult to make your point and move on?

So there you have it. I've made my point and I am moving on. If you disagree, great! That's your right  to do so. It doesn't mean I have to agree. Now off you pop, and thank you for your time!

*I'm not going to get into specifics here.  Nor will I do the  "she said"/"he said" thing. That would serve no purpose. I'm not about to stir the pot.


Karen Marquick said...

I left Twitter because the pettiness was ridiculous. It seems opinion is only allowed if it agrees with the masses and twitter bullying is rife. It is also a very unfriendly place at times. Deactivation was oh so easy!

Marilynn said...

I can understand why you would leave. Some people take things too far. They claim it to be healthy debate, but all I tend to see is attack. I haven't felt the need to leave yet thankfully. Sad to hear you left, thought I hadn't seen you tweet for a while. Hope you are well. X

Jaime Oliver said...

its so sad isnt it that as full fledge adults opinions cant be respected. I think what is all to often the case that sweeping generalisations are made with little thought of the vast amount of people it reaches.

Opinions are good in fact i too love differing opinions but belittlement in anyway is unacceptable x

Anne Stone said...

well said! I never let anyone spoil things for me. If they want to fight, I just steer clear, experience has taught me it doesn't pay to try and help anyway. That doesn't sound good, but sadly it's mostly true.

SarahMummy said...

Great post! You've summed it all up so well without taking sides.
Popping over from #PoCoLo

Tori Wel said...

What a fab post. I am of the opinion that everyone is entitled to an opinion and that if it is not the same as yours then you should agree to disagree. Too much time wasted otherwise!! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

Mummy Tries said...

Well said! I too get annoyed at some of the stuff played out over social media, and feel it would be in most people's best interest to take a lot of these 'heated debates' offline...

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