Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow...with Miracle-Gro Flower Magic!

I love my garden, I was extremely lucky to buy a house with an already established and beautifully maintained garden. I love to look at it, I love to sit in it (weather permitting) & it just makes me smile.  I'm really not the worlds best gardener, but I'm learning.

In the meantime though, if like me your green fingers are still growing and you need a little helping hand to get a blooming lovely garden then I might just have found something you'll like!

It's the time of year that I am usually thinking about putting summer bedding plants into my garden, so this usually involves a trip to the nearest garden centre to buy some already established plants. I've always been apprehensive about trying to grow anything from seed. I always imagined doing so would be difficult, and would need a lot of care and maintenance. So imagine my joy when I was given the opportunity to review Miracle-Gro Flower Magic!

This product is an all in one flower mix, designed to be an extremely easy way to grow beautiful flowers from seed. I received the pink and white mix but there is also a multi-colour mix and a blue and white mix. The pink and white mix has a whopping 16 flower seed varieties which are a mixture of late and early flowering plants ensuring that your garden will have colour from June until as late as October!

When a few rare days of good weather finally arrived, I set about using the product for the 1st time. I was initially apprehensive as I didn't believe that the application wouldn't be as easy as the instructions suggested. I was totally wrong! The flower mix pours from the container spout very evenly ensuring a good ground coverage.

However, the thing I like the most about the product is that the flower magic changes colour to let you know when it needs to be watered! For someone with a history of over and under watering plants I find this extremely helpful! 

The first shoots of green have already started appearing, and I can't wait to see the flowers start to blossom over the next few weeks. I will definitely come back and update this post with pictures as soon as I can!

Over all I'd say this is a great product. Such a simple way to get some beautiful plants to grow in your garden...it's almost like magic! 


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