Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Tall and dark. Quite literally larger than life. In so many ways.
Deep, throaty, booming laugh. Delightfully and unmistakably you.

Quick of wit, and sharp as a tack.
The king of jokes, the maker of smiles at the drop of a hat.

The broadest of shoulders, yet the most delicate of hands.
Fingers long, almost elegant.
The keeper of  hidden talents.

The organ player who never blew his own trumpet.
The model maker who quietly honed his craft.
Though loud as a fog horn, never arrogant or brash.

A childhood peppered with memories of you, though visits were few and far between.
Sun dappled, full of toys and wonder. Days out never to be forgotten.

A big man, who made a big impression.

I'd give anything to hear your laugh again.


Sonya Cisco said...

that is beautiful. Love to all your family xx

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