Friday, 17 February 2012

Holly's Hauls!

On this blog I plan to show all Holly's Hauls.  These might include anything from clothes, toys and books, to nursery decoration. I am a bit of a bargain hunter, and while some of the items will be new and full price, I have no issue with buying good quality second hand items for my girl and I love a sale bargain too!  When buying second hand items I tend to favour buying from Ebay, websites specialising in the sale of pre-loved baby goods (for links click here), or dedicated baby sales as there are a few of these in my area every month. The items are always good quality and the prices are so reasonable.  My philosophy is that babies grow out of clothes so quickly, that it makes sense not to waste money on something your baby might only wear a couple of times. Also, this means that a lot of the second hand items you buy look brand new, as they may only have been worn once or twice, if at all!

So, this is my first Haul post.  Holly is growing so much every day, that some clothes which fitted her perfectly last week are now far too small!  she will be out of all her 0-3 months clothes in no time!  With that in mind, I decided to look out all the 3-6 month clothing that we already have, to see what else we needed.  We have plenty of sleep suits and vests, and she had a few outfits, but she definitely needed more.  The first thing I did was get straight on Ebay and start searching.  My plan was to get as many cute outfits as I could at bargain prices, then with the money I saved I would buy some more expensive outfits brand new.  Below is what I have bought so far, new and second hand. The prices are below each picture.

 Originally from NEXT.
Bought from Ebay for £5 inc postage.

 Jasper Conran (designers @ Debenhams).
Bought on Ebay for £4.75 inc postage.

 From NEXT.
Bought on Ebay for £4 inc postage.

From NEXT.
Bought on Ebay for £4 inc postage.

 From Mamas and Papas.
Bought on Ebay for £8 inc postage.

 Rocha Little Rocha (Debenhams)
Bought new in the 30% off sale.
Was £24 down to £16.80.

 Jasper Conran (Debenhams)
Bought new for £18.

 TU at Sainsburys.
Bought new for £7.

 From NEXT.
Bought new for £10.

From NEXT.
Bought new for £12.

I'm still waiting for a few outfits coming through the post but overall I'm pretty pleased with my purchases!  I just can't wait until Holly is big enough to wear them now!  As soon as she is, I'm sure I'll be posting the pics to show you my little princess!


sista-t said...

Love this idea can't wat to see the next lot!! I love bargains :)

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